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  1. mf bandit on the building!!!!!!!
  2. Bottles on me, long as someone drink it Never drop the ball, fuck are y’all thinkin’? Makin’ sure the Young Money ship is never sinkin’ ‘Bout to set it off in this bitch, Jada Pinkett
  3. I know way too many people here right now That I didn’t know last year, who the fuck are y’all? I swear it feels like the last few nights We been everywhere and back But I just can’t remember it all What am I doin'? What am I doin'? Oh, yeah, that’s right, I’m doin’ me I’m doin me I’m livin’ life right now, mayne And this what I’ma do ’til it’s over ‘Til it’s over But it’s far from over
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