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  1. right on, melon's an inspiration over here, not a style he can't do!
  2. Ryke, is that the CYA Melon's in, from Chicago?
  3. its shit from the other page...people forget to use back up pages sometimes, besides thats bad ass for smtn thats drawn straight in, with no pencil and eraser
  4. sweet! that right there makes me wish i had some acrylic paint layin around
  5. Cirv and Sear from SF its not old...its like from 2003, although furios does have some oldschool styles
  6. vamp tbs(that chick char is sick) zeros zeros, pone pone pone
  7. defenatly refreshing styles. u guys really use a lotta montana there!
  8. Fuck USSR, that shit sucked. what sucks even more is how people still refer to countries that were unwillingly forced to be under the iron curtain, as "russian," soviet, and communist. pS. i think u have to post some flicks or delete this thread
  9. good stuff faint! i knew ur shit would look way better without those squigles, this is a perfect example!
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