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  1. YO the site is real dope. Ima send PMER some of the photos of him and revs. Great site.
  2. crazy inside artist.... umm yea these guys are not down.
  3. I usually sketch, fill, 3d, outline, but recently I switched to sketching, then doing the 3d then the fill then outline and found it works way better for me.
  4. poet bomb oswego skate park first piece of 2005 in freeeeeezing weather
  5. new years is way overrated. ive never really had a good one, but this year wez and prop are doing vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im doing the running man alllll nght long followed by < no drug talk > sorry I had to edit.... but those are the rules.
  6. yea kid!!!!!!!!!!! kentucky is killin shit. you motherfuckers are takin tags everywhere. hell yea. walmart workers should of kicked your ass for wasteing there time developing that shit.
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