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  1. second, funk with no letter stucture might look dope, but to those disecting your work it's just :yuck: very true alot of kids dont seem to understand this
  2. tears???? from the way you people write most of you look like the crying type now go polish your air force ones woman.
  3. i should have worded that differently you channel zero people suck the benches on the other hand is quite nice
  4. honestly all of you "12ozers" start some pretty fucking stupid threads.example congrats on your 5000 post cmon lame. or how about lets post pics of our air force ones and other clothing. completley gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or maybe one on the new kaws dolls that are completley overpriced and look stupid i dont see how someone could be so retarded and buy one let alone make a stupid thread on it go die.
  5. traxxs


  6. you got to be kidding me douchebag
  7. Re: big trucking deal!! who the fuck are you dont talk about graff less your hittin that shit ive seen one pretty sure the only bomb you've done in the city you have a pretty high opinion of your self i agree what homey did aint cool GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR JOCK cause you're probaly the only bitch frequenting that shit !!!! you could come with that shit like yure name was saber but the walls speak for themselves you got no clout no doubt you talk tooooo big for who the fuck you are
  8. iam drunk and i think i just mightb puke can we see more ofthe pretty pictures.
  9. Re: king of nothing come on kids you came up with latex ground tags thats stretching it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. traxxs

    holloween sketches

    thats a real nice castle guy:king:
  11. traxxs

    The Babble

    i loves me some women big ups to your moms
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