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  1. it really depends on the place you are caught I am from canada and I was caught then said they were going to take pictures of all of my stuff and charge me with them. they caught me red handed so they knew what I wrote. They charged me with one count which resulted in only 5 hours of community service haha and writing letters of apology. however they charged my buddy with 13 counts and took pictures in some of the pictures there was my tag there with them.
  2. basically everything in this post was pure gold. love the ident's glad to see that guy has been going hard.
  3. alot of goodies in there i liked the format to keep up the good work haha
  4. they were all caught in sask
  5. i caught it while it was moving I am kinda disappointed i didn't get a better pic as well.
  6. by the way sorry the pictures are massive
  7. the only thing I can do right now is deny the rest of it. most of my bombs in the city have been capped already by other writers. they just started taking pictures of graffiti for tracking reasons. so essentually I think i may get dinged with up to 5 counts that is if they look really really hard which they for sure wouldn't do.
  8. well this is what happened me and a friend went to this heavily hit alley i hit the corner of the building with green paint. and walk around the corner I had my can hidden however my friend did not and to are amazing luck we have a cop car is there right on the corner before we could even think of running we were both arrested. they asked me what we did i claimed we didn't start painting yet which they did not buy they had a canine unit be called in which made a beeline right to the spray tag on the wall. I was panicing I did confess I did do it which I think is such a retarded thing to do on my part. they let my friend go he is not going to get into any trouble most likely they don't know what he wrote. because the dog didn't seem to catch his scent. they know what I write and they said they do have pictures of my stuff which since another friend of mine was interrigated I know that is right. they got a total of 13 charges of mischief placed on him. but they were taken away. I have alot less stuff up under my name then he did in a sense however I am thinking about how many stupid things they could get me with such as tags on dumpsters and stuff. either way I'm going down. it just depends on the charges they just started a graffiti squad in are city so they are just starting taking photos of graff. would if be a good idea to try and get whatever says my tag covered up so they can't rack up more charges.??
  9. the last couple days pieces- phez/??-gondola each2/meter-gondola rove/theory/bone-cn box reser/some upside down piece on the top of the freight-wheatie streaks men of culture the serpant jet one rove hoser one oaph cemz kwest meats
  10. haha mostly it is just the batteries on the camera they died while i was taking pictures so i missed quite a few good ones. and this always happens everytime i go out it seems.
  11. I could actually fit more then 10 pictures on my digital camera. sorry very bad pic of this one and knew how to take pictures.
  12. got to write them down while it's still fresh pieces ident theory x2 rove x2 kwest x2 bsm done by sight mark4 byas/eye/?? cabin/fatso/?? onset/mater oaph gnar fraze mazer fullcar(at least i think i twas mazer) streaks raildog the serpant solo artist rove theory jetone remio samo oaph ahcer salmon kwest reks reke jesk take5 rhinowrek bne kaput year kunt I have an almost photographic memory i suppose pictures of some of those. it was basically by accident that I came across going benching and painting this weekend i ended up having to travel 4 hours to get a new car because the old one died. but on the bright side i got to streak about 50 boxcars. hooray
  13. reset/here/theory/cemz/resone/israel with other and thesis characters on both sides of a cn flat.
  14. caught today while trekking threw the snow kwest-cn box sizel/?-box streaks by the serpant solo artist rove theory bacon pesto lep a few more but i just can't remember what they were right now
  15. who is all painting in this vid??
  16. sighted earlier today frost-cn some unreadables jetone erupto trik pesto tsa the serpant
  17. last night loes/omek-tanker onset/mazer-gondola pesto-cp gondola cmor-soo box lewis-rbox streaks cmor the serpant bone character sight characters
  18. MY LORD I think I just found a giant layup just outside of town because of mapquest. props to the man who posted that link. :)
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