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  1. Koin_1

    my sketch!!

    em, this looks gay and ur hand is pish, work on ur own stuff dont try n give me ur pointers plz.. ive been working on those letters made them more round too off some of the jagged bits n bobs that were stupidly shit, and the dexter is ok.. ive been doin diff characters since then.. anyway thanks for the feeeedback on it.. koinOne F**k the h8rz :hatred: :mad2: :evil:
  2. Koin_1

    my sketch!!

    kool thanx for ur replies.. im gonna change it around more, give it a bit of color and stuff,i will post more of what i do with this.. is there a thread were u can post ur sketch u r ment to paint and then post it done like painted??? :confused: i like the character its quite easy for me to do.. can any1 think of a background i could use when painting this.. i dont want to make it look a mess. so.. :o
  3. Koin_1

    my sketch!!

    heres my newest sketch been workin on them since the last time i posted so here it is.. http://james.darkwindow.net/chris/UrbanMindz%20Site/731/own/coin0001.JPG'>
  4. ah no probs, theres just alot of confusion here,, so is this right german is the fake shit and spanish is the good shit... o well......
  5. i dont understand all that.. any1 want to put it in the easiest way of understandin to a 13 year old ??
  6. Koin_1

    Add them

    yo.. any1 want any sketches trains, anythin u want with urs or other peoples graffiti, that say its ok.. u can have them on my site if ya want any added just post them here and i will have them uploaded heres the site: www.urban-mindz.tk (*i didnt know anywere else to post it so.. sorry*)
  7. well is any1 gonna tell me how to start ?? ;)
  8. what do u use 2 paint the trains..?? i had the idea a long time ago, but never bothered to try it... :D well ?
  9. Koin_1

    I AM BACK!!!

    why were u in court? graffiti obviously, but what exactly did u get caught doin??? i dont have no pics to post.. but other ppl will 1st time bein the 1st 1 to reply to a post on this forum :D
  10. yo rize man a will trade with u once i have sent every1 else their stickers.. if u wanna trade.. koin_1
  11. what u on about a game ?? :confused: .. i have never herd of a videogame with graffiti in it.. apart from Jet set radio future, for the x-box and i dont have 1.. so fuck u. so fuck if im shit, atleast i dont bite other ppls stuff, im learnin perspective in grafix, in skool..
  12. fuck u fuck you, i dont bite.. and i dont think im stupid enuff to even bite or even listen to you.. u gave me shitty advice m8.. :o
  13. well thats what a sketch book is for, practice and thats what i do.. i practice all the time.. anyway man i just try. like every1 else
  14. ok.. thats as simple as i like it 2 be any more simple than that and its pish... i dont do them too technical, too much i prefer to keep it simple,.. im just a beginner, started a year ago i think.. :( not my fault.. anywayz. shop signs suck, most of my ideas r based on them. this is whats wrong: i cant do the letter K the letter I u cant do much with 3D is 2 hard for me still i dont have style thats the easy way to put it oh and the structuer and layers its in sux and remember this was durin class and i have strict teachers so.. thanks for tha destructive comments 2 make
  15. will with any1 hey i will trade all of you, dont bother me if u r pish.. just for my sticker book.. hit me up on 1 a these ;) e-mail and msn: longlive_graff@hotmail.com AIM - koinonemos
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