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  1. Koin_1

    my sketch!!

    em, this looks gay and ur hand is pish, work on ur own stuff dont try n give me ur pointers plz.. ive been working on those letters made them more round too off some of the jagged bits n bobs that were stupidly shit, and the dexter is ok.. ive been doin diff characters since then.. anyway thanks for the feeeedback on it.. koinOne F**k the h8rz :hatred: :mad2: :evil:
  2. Koin_1

    my sketch!!

    kool thanx for ur replies.. im gonna change it around more, give it a bit of color and stuff,i will post more of what i do with this.. is there a thread were u can post ur sketch u r ment to paint and then post it done like painted??? :confused: i like the character its quite easy for me to do.. can any1 think of a background i could use when painting this.. i dont want to make it look a mess. so.. :o
  3. Koin_1

    my sketch!!

    heres my newest sketch been workin on them since the last time i posted so here it is.. http://james.darkwindow.net/chris/UrbanMindz%20Site/731/own/coin0001.JPG'>
  4. Koin_1


    ah no probs, theres just alot of confusion here,, so is this right german is the fake shit and spanish is the good shit... o well......
  5. Koin_1


    i dont understand all that.. any1 want to put it in the easiest way of understandin to a 13 year old ??
  6. Koin_1

    Add them

    yo.. any1 want any sketches trains, anythin u want with urs or other peoples graffiti, that say its ok.. u can have them on my site if ya want any added just post them here and i will have them uploaded heres the site: www.urban-mindz.tk (*i didnt know anywere else to post it so.. sorry*)
  7. well is any1 gonna tell me how to start ?? ;)
  8. what do u use 2 paint the trains..?? i had the idea a long time ago, but never bothered to try it... :D well ?
  9. Koin_1

    I AM BACK!!!

    why were u in court? graffiti obviously, but what exactly did u get caught doin??? i dont have no pics to post.. but other ppl will 1st time bein the 1st 1 to reply to a post on this forum :D
  10. yo rize man a will trade with u once i have sent every1 else their stickers.. if u wanna trade.. koin_1
  11. what u on about a game ?? :confused: .. i have never herd of a videogame with graffiti in it.. apart from Jet set radio future, for the x-box and i dont have 1.. so fuck u. so fuck if im shit, atleast i dont bite other ppls stuff, im learnin perspective in grafix, in skool..
  12. fuck u fuck you, i dont bite.. and i dont think im stupid enuff to even bite or even listen to you.. u gave me shitty advice m8.. :o
  13. well thats what a sketch book is for, practice and thats what i do.. i practice all the time.. anyway man i just try. like every1 else
  14. ok.. thats as simple as i like it 2 be any more simple than that and its pish... i dont do them too technical, too much i prefer to keep it simple,.. im just a beginner, started a year ago i think.. :( not my fault.. anywayz. shop signs suck, most of my ideas r based on them. this is whats wrong: i cant do the letter K the letter I u cant do much with 3D is 2 hard for me still i dont have style thats the easy way to put it oh and the structuer and layers its in sux and remember this was durin class and i have strict teachers so.. thanks for tha destructive comments 2 make me feel bad l8rz..
  15. will with any1 hey i will trade all of you, dont bother me if u r pish.. just for my sticker book.. hit me up on 1 a these ;) e-mail and msn: longlive_graff@hotmail.com AIM - koinonemos
  16. told ya well i done this in skool today its not brilliant but still... my sketch kinda pish.. :(
  17. i didnt do anythin in skool today worth postin will tomoz.. i dont like takin me blak book to skool too many teachers get on my back about doin sketches in class and try take my book. except the teacher that got me into graff. need 2 start takin paper 2 skool now. will post tomoz definetaly.. koin. c in the US how long is each class a day ?? .
  18. fookin hell wow fuck those digital sketches r hot.. how he do them.. i got alone of a grafix tablet from sum1 but i cant get it 2 work and i want 2 know what programs i can do all that stuff in ??? please
  19. Fook I LOVE CARS, THESE R THE BEST 1S IVE SEEN YET WERE YA GET EM FROM ???????????????????????????? and i thought this was gonna b a dildo thread and whips n chains.. ;)
  20. Re: hello hahahahahhaha lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  21. Koin_1

    Character Post

    thanks both a u :king: :D
  22. Koin_1

    Character Post

    lol thats true man.
  23. Koin_1

    Character Post

    here man same as i just started a half decent woman character but i cant get the face right, i think theres 2 much expression 2 add. any1 got any tips on drawing faces woman faces ?
  24. all i can say is practice as much as you can, any time anywere just practice all dif ways let ur hand go with the pencil. i started over a year ago now and every day i have done a tag and a sketch since. but u dont need to get straight 2 paintin. hope helps koin1
  25. yep, u need any i got thousands of em the now.. ???
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