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  1. At the tender age of 73 years old. On that date, you will most likely die from: Cancer (10%) Alien Abduction (5%) "Cleaning your Rifle" (4%) Drowning (3%) The "Cleaning your Rifle" is wierd cause I selected that I didn't play with guns or go hunting
  2. "We now have a new rule on the bus: passengers will refrain from KILLING MY SOUL!" -Bus Driver Stu, The Adventures of Pete and Pete
  3. Have you actually used it? I don't mean to be rude, but are you talking about Spanish Montana, or German? Cause Spanish makes the Nitro (which kicks ass in my opinion) and I hear German just made some new type too, like gold or something. Just wondering.
  4. adept

    tag london

    how about "London Bridge is getting bombed" nah, just kidding. Sounds like a dope project, but I'm not too sure on the name. Just my 2 pence.
  5. Word, Nitro is rough, it'll go over ANYTHING, and that shit is hard to buff as well.
  6. haha yeah, seriously. They're good sketch pens, and you can usually get them for free.
  7. haha, hey element, what I meant was, isn't your signature from Mos Def?
  8. Shit's nice element, just continue to experiment, and clean up your lines. Your letter structure is decent. P.S. nice signature, from the Mighty Mos?
  9. cheetos and vanilla ice cream, try it. Also, cream cheese and olives sandwiches. mmmmmmmmmmmm.
  10. adept


    haha, yeah rusto over montana?!?!?! That's cool though, Rusto is good shit, good luck geeting that order through.
  11. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. they just got their shit together, you should beable to order from www.mtn-colors.com now.
  13. The bubble is a type of throw-up at least how I define it. -Throw-up(bomb, throw) a quickly done work, generally seen in (although not limited to) "high-risk" areas. Generally done in less than like 4 colors, sometimes hollow. -bubble a type of throw-up, specifically using rounded "bubble" letters.
  14. fuck, there's a vandal squad in the game!@
  15. eh first one was so-so. The second one was pretty dope. Thanks for sharing. I was bored, and it was cool.
  16. they must be bufing with liquid platinum. The government lies about the costs of everything.
  17. haha. I'm gonna grow my hair out and sport a mesh hat on when I bomb from now on.
  18. Whatevs, Sac is killing it and I'm happy. As a big Kings fan, I'll swallow my pride and say *gulps* Los Angeles has a pretty good basketball team, there, happy?
  19. Hey websteruno, yeah, KRS IS the fucking man, always has been, always will be, but you can't hate on Blackstar for "sampling" his song. That's just Kweli and Mos giving props to the guy. I know for a fact that Kweli is a HUGE fan of KRS. That son is sick. Just think about how the other lyrics in "hip-hop" songs were around 1998. East/West bullshit, and the bling era was beginning. The lyrics to that song were just what hip-hop needed at the time "123 mos def and talib kweli/we came to rock it on to the tip top/ too much violence in hip-hop waaaaaaiiiiooo/ I said 123 it's kinda dangerous to be an emcee/ they shot tupac and biggie/ hols your head when the beat drop waaaaaiiiiioooooooo" and for the record, Mos and Kweli have no beef. If you recall, they featured each other on their solo CD's, and another Blackstar CD is due sometime soon..... MOS DEF AND TALIB KWELI ARE BLACKSTAR IS STRAIGHT CLASSIC...........
  20. Sounds iffy. They should just use the doughnuts that Montana has.
  21. adept


    ACQ- All City Queens 3WS- Women With Wild Styles (ok, so it's dumb, but whatevs)
  22. emo graff...no j/k these are dope pics. It's nice to see how well you've developed as a writer. Youcan see your style emerge in the middle-newest pieces. I like reading threads like this.
  23. Yeah! Go for it. I've met with the dist. for Montana, and he's legit. The paint is dope too.
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