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  1. adept

    death threat?

    At the tender age of 73 years old. On that date, you will most likely die from: Cancer (10%) Alien Abduction (5%) "Cleaning your Rifle" (4%) Drowning (3%) The "Cleaning your Rifle" is wierd cause I selected that I didn't play with guns or go hunting
  2. "We now have a new rule on the bus: passengers will refrain from KILLING MY SOUL!" -Bus Driver Stu, The Adventures of Pete and Pete
  3. adept

    Montana Nitro

    Have you actually used it? I don't mean to be rude, but are you talking about Spanish Montana, or German? Cause Spanish makes the Nitro (which kicks ass in my opinion) and I hear German just made some new type too, like gold or something. Just wondering.
  4. adept

    tag london

    how about "London Bridge is getting bombed" nah, just kidding. Sounds like a dope project, but I'm not too sure on the name. Just my 2 pence.
  5. adept

    Montana Nitro

    Word, Nitro is rough, it'll go over ANYTHING, and that shit is hard to buff as well.
  6. adept

    Worth The $$$

    haha yeah, seriously. They're good sketch pens, and you can usually get them for free.
  7. haha, hey element, what I meant was, isn't your signature from Mos Def?
  8. Shit's nice element, just continue to experiment, and clean up your lines. Your letter structure is decent. P.S. nice signature, from the Mighty Mos?
  9. cheetos and vanilla ice cream, try it. Also, cream cheese and olives sandwiches. mmmmmmmmmmmm.
  10. adept


    haha, yeah rusto over montana?!?!?! That's cool though, Rusto is good shit, good luck geeting that order through.
  11. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. they just got their shit together, you should beable to order from www.mtn-colors.com now.
  13. The bubble is a type of throw-up at least how I define it. -Throw-up(bomb, throw) a quickly done work, generally seen in (although not limited to) "high-risk" areas. Generally done in less than like 4 colors, sometimes hollow. -bubble a type of throw-up, specifically using rounded "bubble" letters.
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