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Everything posted by fuckin...bub

  1. word chip newa,that unfinished one is frost
  2. damn. pose an vizie......gah damn
  3. kcmo. were the city that killed owen hart.bump
  4. elk is a dope writer and a nice guy.post some frieghts
  5. that album is eagle.an those tues are both rencer.
  6. well..... i hear ya but eagles newer stuff is fresh and deffinatly his own.
  7. damn very nice chip.when you comin back to kc?
  8. go ruben. chip an eagle.
  9. ca ca ca..... chip 7 crow city ya heard.
  10. that chip is hittin harder than the crew of space shuttle columbia.crow city.
  11. makem say ughhhhh vizie is the cornell of this mother fuckin tank..
  12. dope vizie and poser.stupid fresh.
  13. what up whats with the fake next
  14. all but the tuff crew. crow city....bitch.
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