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  1. I caught some Lime rolling through knoxville? Is this the same one?
  2. Re: Lost And Worthless Souls that shit is sick, but i kinda feel un-easy looking at it..
  3. MestOne


    tars sigh timbooo paser-the guy next to him crow sigh niceeeeeeee
  4. packed with goodies, bumpppp
  5. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Keeping this thread alive. [/url ]
  6. Wow... i see and hear more shit about this kid ever day of my life I am referring to Tier2 that is.
  7. --Blaze says Tier is too immature to realize he’s wrong. “If I was younger,” says Blaze, “I’d fuck him up.” haha I never heard of blaze, guess i dont know my nashville history too well.
  8. looks like memphis is on some freights right now.
  9. The only thing funny about the internet is when people catch fame by posting their own flicks on various threads and or arguing over the internet to resolve a problem much less important then their own problems outside the shit talking world of internet forums. SO yes.... i ageee MC. Pee...
  10. this thread is retarded... post some nice walls, not treasure maps leading to someones insanity.....
  11. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Sorry to shoot you down buddy, but if you’re going to post something... make it worth our time to look at it. Not hating, I am sure your some ambitious writer who just started recently and is seeking recognition through the internet but regardless think about what your posting. Secondly, self-promo is homo. Keep writing, padre.
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