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  1. thanks for the response, Hal. I spend a lot of time in the garage when it's warmer, so i'm happy to keep them out there for now. I may try the pinhole technique, but a year to dry it out sounds like too long, and the whole time solvents might be airborne. thanks for your input.
  2. Any thoughts on "freeze, thaw" of spray cans? I keep my cans in the garage, which isn't well insulated. I have no basement in my home, and I don't really agree with keeping cans in the house. I feel it's a fire hazard, and probably not good for air quality. The recently extremely cold weather followed by above-freezing temperatures has me wondering about how it affects the integrity of oil-based paint, old cans or otherwise. I am aware how it can affect latex paint, and oil paint is a little more durable to harsh conditions. One thing I was thinking was the condensation from freeze-
  3. Solid thread. Labrona canvas, wow
  4. nocomply


    that shore wall is hella sick couple more 1996 rumor 2000
  5. nocomply


    i do..mavs & cloze are on the left side. and thanks for the positive responses y'all
  6. nocomply


    older stuff shore nyc 2001? drew7 terre haute 2002 rumor 2000 baks 1996
  7. what about chromated paint or whatever i see on here, chromium would be pretty toxic too i think, then you have all the other heavy metals..aluminum paint has small flakes of aluminum i believe, that's what makes it so shiny, ive heard alum is linked to breast cancer (anti-pers. with alum silicate or something)..i do notice on old tins of rusto they actually list the pigments and ingredients which is pretty cool
  8. valdi, your inbox is full. i'm mailing that out today or monday.
  9. oh shit that is masters of the universe. same thing?
  10. that safety purple is nice, so is the he-man comforter
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