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Everything posted by sitonmysofer

  1. just lookin out for the homie, im sure youd be heated if someone was trying to push dbk out in west maryland or delaware or some shit.
  2. first we have someone writing pose now we have someone writing jes? do people have no creativity anymore my god. the real jes dude rocks better pieces on 6 lane highways than most do at piecing spots.
  3. that new mybad piece is probably the worst bite ive ever seen in my entire life. Has everyone really been fooled by this kids name change?
  4. the i dunno's are wives and kerk.. ( dude with mad wives, and captain kirk)
  5. cookin up nothin but that rawwwwww good look
  6. aint no body go over shit that wasnt gone over already. get your panties out of a twist . all the pieces are gone already if im not mistaken, thats what happens at a spot like that
  7. you lazy sack of shit here you go. out of state but change of pace i dont give a fuck
  8. i think we are forgetting the classic "dsm crew goes to war with msk and everyone else in jersey for about 5 seconds" "dsm the only crew allowed to paint newark"
  9. noone beefing over anything
  10. its called being polite, ever had an old man say " hows it goin buddy?" as you pass him on the street, does it mean your buddies..no.. but why not? people need to lighten up, myself included
  11. there were tags over them. about 10 or 12 big marker tags by no name toys you havent heard of and some stupid spraypaint tags also by kids. probably dudes who found scraps. sucks when that shit happens. haha if anything nsf gets ragged there will be reprocussions...i thought it was no big deal its legal? sall good kid...that shit was just dirtied up. not that i had anything to do with painting at that spot i just saw the before
  12. soviet and yucs pieces were ragged.. you can see some of the tags sticking out from the wives piece. scars was crispy
  13. scar is from jersey who has done more cleans than most of you have done tags. at load of fun there were alot of pieces there by respectable out of town writers. sofe and vose happened to be the newbies of the spot so their spots were up for grabs. they could come back and do pieces at any time scar cannot. dude has a rediculous amount of ups and talent and would put the majority of you to shame. should he have buffed the entire thing, yeah probably but aint no reason to ruin that shit in under 24 hours. have a little respect sofe, you aint hot shit yet, and at a spot like that, when an out of town writer needs a spot to paint, your shit is still up for grabs. looks like someone ragged your new piece already? shit that was fast
  14. sofe wow not only did you make a fool of yourself at the nsf barbecue now your gonna catch shit like that at a legal wall with someone twice your age whos been writing 10 times as long as you? cant let a homie from out of town's piece run for alittle while? watch how long your shit runs dunn dunn.
  15. pose im not gonna hate on you, you dont front like you are a king or anything like that. you wanna paint a fence, paint a fence. its humerous to some but noone should give a fuck enough to mock you that much. if i were you id save yourself the trouble, itd be better off if you didnt post that on here if you want people to take you seriously. the name pose is also taken by a very very respected writer so it would be a really good idea to change it.
  16. wheres the other sonar wall?
  17. what are you joking? i can probably count all the highway spots in baltimore on one hand..noone paints em and when they do get painted they are buffed immediately.
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