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  1. just lookin out for the homie, im sure youd be heated if someone was trying to push dbk out in west maryland or delaware or some shit.
  2. first we have someone writing pose now we have someone writing jes? do people have no creativity anymore my god. the real jes dude rocks better pieces on 6 lane highways than most do at piecing spots.
  3. that new mybad piece is probably the worst bite ive ever seen in my entire life. Has everyone really been fooled by this kids name change?
  4. the i dunno's are wives and kerk.. ( dude with mad wives, and captain kirk)
  5. cookin up nothin but that rawwwwww good look
  6. aint no body go over shit that wasnt gone over already. get your panties out of a twist . all the pieces are gone already if im not mistaken, thats what happens at a spot like that
  7. you lazy sack of shit here you go. out of state but change of pace i dont give a fuck
  8. i think we are forgetting the classic "dsm crew goes to war with msk and everyone else in jersey for about 5 seconds" "dsm the only crew allowed to paint newark"
  9. noone beefing over anything
  10. its called being polite, ever had an old man say " hows it goin buddy?" as you pass him on the street, does it mean your buddies..no.. but why not? people need to lighten up, myself included
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