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  1. A very good question indeed. That track's amazing. C'mon, somebody's gotta know....? If you were feelin the NT DVD you might be interested to hear that the next one is currently in production....word.
  2. Thats a brake fluid isnt it? In which case it would add to the caustic properties of the ink but would it neccessarily thicken it? Theoretically the batch ive made should be sick, its just pisssssy thin....
  3. Howdy. Quick question. I read once upon a time in this thread that regular ol' motor oil can be added to thicken inks. Could anyone reccomend anything i could use to thicken my batch that wont compromise the flow? cheers all...
  4. id be deeply shocked if one person even attempted to make the above streak. Hassle like 'Hof!
  5. Kryl0n


    just seen the new monster 600ml, sound sweet as fuck! nice selection goin on Mr Monster!! the only one annoying thing however - the way VAT isnt included in the list price and is calculated after addition to the basket! oh well. the paints kickin!
  6. Kryl0n


    cheers! valley of chrome seems allright, a one man band kinda deal or so it seems. ive been shopping around, the main factors being how much the cheapest paint is (of a reasonable quality at least) and how much they're gonna try and roger me for delivery. monster sell the cheapest paint but also charge the most for delivery! aaaaah!
  7. empathy.. i know entirely what you mean. i pissed myself when reading the previous posts. the phrase "tardmaster" and "spazzed real hard" nearly made me soil myself in a most tardlike manner. its so far from the mundane reality that we all adhere to that its funny, however its only by the grace of *something bigger than us* that we're not a drivelling incoherant being birdened with a disability. laugh, but be thankful, and think how it feels...
  8. Kryl0n


    with regards to UK mailorder companys ive done the rounds a bit and ive always previously ordered from Monster Colors and there hasnt been a problem (other than me paying for montana and receiving "monster") on seeing the layup all appears good, nice paint for a nice price, the price for the markers is unbeatable this side of the pond - the only thing that worrys me is the whole PO BOX thing? if anybody has used them before and would like to tell me if theyre legit id be most happy, also, "bombers best"? good stuff?
  9. Kryl0n

    Character Post

    just a hunch bro...
  10. Kryl0n

    Character Post

    photoshopping is one thing, photoshopping a stencil of yourself is another, wheres the skill?
  11. Kryl0n


    Word, there is such a thing as discretion- even on the internet.
  12. Kryl0n

    Recommend a song

    buck65 - pants on fire At The Drive In - Enfilade Themselves - anything from The No Music Clouddead - anything from self titled Tricky - over me Dr Octagon - chewbacca Dj Vadim - the terrorist Skindred - kiss and make up marques houston - clubbin' styles and pharoahe monch - the life black sheep - the choice is yours POD - without Jah nothing Buck65 - the masterpiece album - square recognise people, recognise....
  13. he speaks the truth ^^ i suggest you leave the regulator in
  14. Kryl0n

    pain over

    Re: to the are u goth post. ohhhhh dear, and graffiti is really your scene?:nope:
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