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  1. haha oh shit i was just talking about this on a recent roadtrip..my friend is from citrus county in florida. and he swears on his way to his friends house something came at him and chased his ass up a tree, then left. citrus is mostly farms no street lights that type of place, and to this day he says it was bigfoot!
  2. myspace is the biggest cocktease...i never would have thought internet flirting would be so popular..i still want to see the pic you used!
  3. wow..like everyone else said this was pretty shocking!! R.I.P.
  4. cutlips


    i think that spiral movie your talking about was pie(insert math symbol)i think, i wish more movies ended like arlington road good fucking movie! now as for the saw, acting sucked which we all agree on. i thought the movie was entertaining and the ending was alright.. but check out the dudes hand placement during the movie and at the end different spots if he moved they would have seen it..i guess im looking in to it to deep, in conclusion rent it dont buy it!
  5. random shot from the other night..
  6. thanks man i know there not perfect but i have to work with what i got at the moment...
  7. no tripod best i could get on light pole mardigras 2005
  8. new orleans, everytime ive been there it consistantly smells like vomit no matter wher you go! could not imagine living there it has to be the dirtiest city in the US, but damn is mardi gras a good time..........
  9. altered states..this shit is the truth fear and loathing shawshank redemption irreversible kill bill 1 2 way too many to name!! but 5 of the top of my head anyway
  10. cutlips


    i wasnt really feeling the village until the end that made it for me... and i thought collateral was ok.. i just watched wicker park that movie was decent, im done now..
  11. it must be that time of year because my ex came to visit a few weeks ago. i havent seen her in over a year thought i was over it but then i saw her and i remembered everything i wish i still had in my life..ha i sound corny as hell but anyway dont be pushy just enjoy yourself and dont expect to much that way you wont be let down..good luck i know how u feel luckily my ex moving was the best thing for both of us now we are good friends and we can actually have an adult relationship without all the drama!
  12. since i live in tampa this proves my theory that only the weirdest fuckers live here....
  13. cutlips


    i live in florida and the roaches down here are big as fuck and they always manage to get in my house. i clean the crib but it doesnt matter they still find a way. if i see one i cant sleep until i smash it for fear it might crawl in my ears or something.........
  14. i attempted this recently out of boredom and lack of daytime spots.. i think i painted it once and then all those hurricanes hit so i boarded up my windows with all the plywood what a waste of my time.
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