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  1. kid i was there when he called and you are the one that didnt wanna meet up with him... you bark big online but dont wanna leave your house when it comes down to it...fuck up and get fucked up.... anytime any place..
  2. Re: Please... get over it kid... your nothing at all... go back to benching with your girl and doing your streaks.. this is the last im gonna speak about you on here.. you know how to get at me.. its not hard homie... ask your boy what happened when he left cans in the yard...
  3. at least hes painting and not sitting on the net talking shit like 90 percent of the people on here...
  4. 2ten


    bump for my crew mates...
  5. san antonio representation
  6. 2ten

    Plant Trees

    i always thought destn did those tress.... see a good amount of them in sd
  7. 2ten

    F U C K OFF!

    I find if funny that they talk it out over the net..." whatever happened to catchin a good old fasion ass whoopin and getting your shoes and hat tookin"
  8. 2ten


    Destn and Plant Trees
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