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  1. It's convenient that your list of those dissed leaves out the people YOU went over on the line. Just like your delusional IG, you manipulate shit on the internet when the facts in reality are much different. Sadly, because you were quick to erase your comments from last night, I wasn't able to respond in a timely manner. Here's a memory refresher, if you forgot: NO DEAL. No surrender, no retreat. You have no authority to make demands. Anything you fix can and will be destroyed again. You are officially banned.
  2. absolutely love this thread. keep it up. the writing and photos together are perfect.
  3. http://www.juxtapoz.com/Graffiti/nekst-cutout-by-c4-in-san-francisco ^cut out
  4. anyone watching the news? 2 trains collided near ft. totten...
  5. The Wash DC thread is as detrimental to the DC graffiti scene as the buff or the cops. Good job everyone.
  6. this thread is never a disappointment.
  7. what's up with this lumix brand? good or not? ive never really heard of them. thoughts? personally i have a nikon f4 and a canon sd750.
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