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  1. yo when I was in london there was this major wall going down...it had cats like chum, totem, guess, brave and like 25 other writers on it. I left before I saw it done. It was along side a strip mall type joint. Anyone know what Im talking bout and most importantly does any got flicks of this wall??? its been a few years waiting for the conclusion
  2. WOWSER!!! What a bombing paradise. Yall are definitly staying busy. Awsome throw ups, Im might even be gased up after that view to go out tonight and rock a little suntin suntin.
  3. Grim...?this shit is just stupid hot
  4. oldie but still soooo fresh!
  5. that clock is just koo-koo-ca-choo!
  6. Vicious is just gully. loddahmurrsea
  7. planning a trip to hawaii in september. anyone got spots and wanna rock a few productions let me know. I could use some connections if interested= xxlostkawzxx@yahoo.com
  8. yall philly heads got the ill skript...I cant hang
  9. thats kinda funny, cuz I use to write Reso myself.
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