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  1. dope shit. revok bles sigh eruptoe siner aest
  2. reach.4

    Spotted 83

    reup destn zroe tre physk/here
  3. the first time snowboarding in the new season
  4. do the birds have talons?
  5. i am so jealous.. awesome flicks, i liked the ny dc and alabama ones. i wish i could travel like that man , you are truly lucky.
  6. brutal. even has his kid and nephew help shank the dood.
  7. i hate them too i will just be sitting at my computer late at night and all of a sudden my entire house smells so stongly of skunks dropping mad shit bombs all outside the house. Just the other day my homie was painting in a construction pit and there were like 5 skunks lurking and creepin around him, homie almost got a skunk shower. kill a skunk.
  8. holy fuck i hate you. SOOOOOOOO MUCH.
  9. i have appreciation. she is fun and she has a good taste in music.
  10. dope erupto. your posts look sick the way you crop the photos.
  11. -the stupid fuckin east indian bitches that cant speak english and make my job harder.
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