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  1. http://www.badmantreehouseclub.com starting small thinking big
  2. This is my favourite Tee, because it explains to enemy crew and wack dj's what they get I picked it up from www.badmantreehouseclub.com which is apparently the place for the def shit
  3. as ive said a number of times thats not an etch burn, is everyone on here fucking retarded?? i got that image by googgling hand burn. fuks sake
  4. just to be really stupid and not read the previous posts properly that picture was found by googling hand burn and choosing one at random, to try and illustrate a point but it seems, to have flown nay soared over the last couple of posters heads
  5. lol a prime example, of not believing everything you see on the internet, thats a burn from a firework
  6. dont use etch this is what will happen to your hands
  7. i dont think those pictures are from etch, dont believe everything you read or see on the internet, the shit should be treated with care regardless but i dont believe those fliks r etch burns. there probably lifted of some medical site.
  8. by the way im on about Wholetrain not ecko's effort
  9. you can dl the torrent i have full film but its only in german :( no subs as yet as someone (who can be arsed) has to write them. the film looks dope i watched about 20min in german and it seemed cool. alot of the opinions in here make me laugh but open the question in my mind as to what people thought of wildstyle at the time that was a proper film with some real writers in it. do you think heads at the time were down on it for similer reasons i see on this thread?an interesting thought which hadnt until now crossed my mind as i love that film.
  10. yea looks good spot looks big as well, i like that madc piece, big up
  11. Re: lesta, uk! who's u all?? this is just 2 blokes opinions your replying to not everyone who posts in this thread?? didnt really want to get into this argument! i spose alot of these writers that you mention are making money from writing, but these r legends for the most part, people like cope2 are still bashing 100's of throws and dubs a week, so i dont see the comparison. I'm all for commisions, if you can get them and make a bit of extra paint money etc then cool. tbh it was a bit divvy to post up that mock up in here you should of expected that kind of reaction, you only have to
  12. tbh this guy could pull that off pretty much the same as that mock up, the only real question is why has it been posted in here. this part of the forum is ment for photos of graffiti. it would of been better suited to the digital thread in blackbooks
  13. Re: lesta, uk! there not his letters its a graffiti font
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