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  1. i was reading your post on this thread and found some of your"honest opinions" true .... but then i read the part where you jock scan 53 and king 157 and i realized your a weak writer (if you can even call your self that?) but i do have some advice for you..... go to movie poopshoot .com and talk shit about movies all day until jay and silent bob go to your moms house and beat you up that would be tight. I dislike internet writer like you.
  2. is that erie from back in the 94 era? from ntp in the bay?????????
  3. I think its real funny how proud grey is of this fill in. It's like a burgerking employee being proud of their french fries because a few people like them better than mcdonalds. and as for sigh, i really dont even appreciate that kind of style but he makes it look more barable than mr 16 vandal. p.s. i never met either one of these kids........keeep on trucking post some more sigh stuff so grey will frown.
  4. looky looky lil emo boy is jealous.......you should be thankful to sigh for making your styles youve copied look semi decent
  5. FUCK CANADA! The Canadians won't let me back!
  6. mmmm that says jaggerman 2003!
  7. ha ha,this sounds like little skrew talking, whats up homo? why do you have so many post names?
  8. ya your right p dog, skrew is a pussy.and he keeps getting caught.
  9. um dam you sound tough............
  10. yea yea i think gaze visited the bay area and took those throw ups home with him.then did a few and quit.too spraycan art for me though,do a bode character ,thy are tight!
  11. nice nice e to e in the snow by the dtc's ,and who did mber go over? nice upfes toooooooooooo
  12. ............ stick to the drawings or canvass stuff. dont use any with a silo tag in it..
  13. pete fuck you pete rose........ i play galaga.........
  14. its all about that cops and bombers........................................... yes
  15. its like they are learning again..... bring those subway art books out the closet....
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