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  1. Be proud my friend... I'm a little dude but my farts are those of a 300lbs plus fat ass. Sometimes when my homeboys and I go somewhere in my car and I feel like I'm gonna fart, I lock the windows and let loose... that shit is hilarious... kats be trying to open the door while we're on the freeway and shit.... ahhhh... good times, god times...
  2. Hell yeah, Warriors baby!!! Everyone jump on the bandwagon!!! For real though I been going to Warrior games for 5-6 years and people would give me shit about it... talking bout Lakers this and Kings that... but now those same people are wearing Warrior jerseys... aint that some shit!
  3. Re: motorbikes! I'm waiting for my tax money and then I wanna jump on a Gixxer600 or the CBR600RR... Havent rode either but I hear the cbr is supposed to be the shit!
  4. I've been playing on PokerStars for 3 weeks now... started with $50, got up to a little over $200 and now... my balance is $15.70............... :(
  5. El gato en los pantolones!
  6. I got into hold em by watching it on tv, then I started going to a friend of mine's weekly game... then 2 weeks ago I started playing on PokerStars.com... so far I'm up about $200. I've just been playing $5 and $10 tournaments, best I've done is 3rd place. I want to enter one of the bigger tournaments but dont wanna lose my $$$ lol
  7. Shit I know what you mean, I know 2 of my weepels that's like that... at first I didnt mind but it just gets annoying after, like you said, the first 7 times! My cousin and me been living together for 6 months and shits been all gravy... ;)
  8. Damn that shit brings back memories. I use to watch all the ECW videos and PPVs, I even used to watch WWF RAW and WCW NITRO. I'm gonna have to watch that one!
  9. I seen this shit the other night and it was koo. That shit has hella parts the piss you off but some shit was funny... some sad. Great movie two thumbs up!
  10. I've been waiting for City of Angels since I was in High school... damn that was a long time ago :huh2:
  11. MeNiahhh

    Transit DVD

    That's it right there, it's an independent film so the acting kinda sux but I'd recommend it.
  12. MeNiahhh

    Transit DVD

    Went to Blockbuster today and found this movie called Transit. It's a movie about graffiti but with a story, plot, all that shit. Takes place in L.A. check it out.
  13. MeNiahhh

    UNC Flix

    There's a UNC in Oakland too...
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