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  1. i bought one of those last week! the two photos in my last post were taken with it. i like it so far but havent had the chance to really mess around with it yet. let me know how you like yours.
  2. impeccable color schemes, letter blending, and futuristic style. a true innovator. r.i.p.
  3. ive seen this girl in washington square park. that instrument sounds awesome.
  4. good to see this thread back. some hot fire on this page.
  5. if youre talking about my photo, thats not a double exposure, its a reflection off of glass. one of my favorite techniques ;)
  6. this thread actually has some of the best / most amusing graf i've ever seen. this topic is way too subjective to be worth spending a thread debating.
  7. oi vei, homie youre killing it with this thread. lots of good shit
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