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  1. sickest colors schemes in the game.
  2. i dunno, maybe its my inner 13 year old coming out but i love seeing that shit. if im in the mall or some shit and some moms got her titty out thats just awesome. i mean a titty is a titty, whether a infant is sucking on it or not. i cant wait till i get married and get my wife pregnant and her titties get all big and swole. and in the middle of the night when i get thirsty and am too lazy to get out of bed, ima just roll over, grab one of her titties, and start squirting all that titty milk into my mouth. so in conclusion, i say let chicks show they titties and let lil kids some on e
  3. sushi is the bomb, its just too expensive for me. yesterday i spent $50 on sushi and sashimi for me alone. i think my favorites would be that dark red tuna and eel. eel is like the bbq chicken of sushi.
  4. email bombs, ha, makes me reminisce to back in the day when me and the boys were creating proggies on vb3, phishing for peoples passwords, sending viruses...i cant even remember how to do any of that shit now, but the one kid i knew stuck with it and became some computer big shot and makes the big bucks now... if i only knew =(
  5. the fill on that WST reminds me of painting on a wall that has been covered with a million layers and the paint is starting to chip away...very nice.
  6. that navy shit is how swinging started. back in wwI dudes in the army and navy used to tell their friends to watch their girls when they were gone and to fuck them. this way the dude knew who his girl was fuckin. but on the real, my boy is in the merchant marines. and every summer he goes away on a ship and travels the world. and every year he gets back he finds out his girl fucked a couple of dudes. each time he says the same shit to her. that he was stuck on a fuckin ship with a bunch of dudes and shes going out fuckin around. shit is fucked up straight up and down. ive also b
  7. anyone got any snug flix? i watched that cat straight up crush a wall in new york with some robot shit.
  8. ooo man, just picked up some of the sweet fruit punch mix myself...some of the mix gets on the countertop everytime i make it though, then it leaves a big ass stain, which is a bitch to get out. then i think about how some people use kool-aid to dye they hair. wonder what its doing to my insides...o well, fuck it, shit is tooo good
  9. ha, same here. my longest relationship was 4 months. but its def. something wrong with me cause every girl ive gone out with is currently in a long term relationship. every chick is still going out with the dude they find right after we break up, and whenever i see them around they feel the need to explain to me how in love they are. i just cant deal with bullshit, but i like being single. more painting, more money, more girls.
  10. i find myself watching the news on the spanish channel for hours on end until i realize that i have no idea what they are saying. every chick on the spanish channel is fine as hell, from the news reporters to the talk show hosts. and the news is tough as hell. they straight up show people with bullet holes in em, not just some chalk outline or cups marking where the shells lie. i wish my remote had a button where i could turn the spanish channel into english.
  11. i was just talking about this this other day... i went to three home depot's last week and one was completely out of flat black and flat white in painter's touch. the other ones i picked up the last cans they had in the flats. pergament used to be the shit, they had a lot more colors for PT. and i do also see the selection of colors on the low in the last year or so.
  12. can't wait to go to class today, everythings seems better when its warm out...im sure the skirts, valor shorts, and tank tops will be in full effect today:love:
  13. ha nah man, i was refering to a couple pages back...
  14. good work on all this shit...web's pieces always kill it and stems faces are heavy. that kapo is pretty tough too. seen that cat come up over the years doing hollows on the line to full out prodos..stay up
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