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  1. indies WAY more gangster... fighting psycho pakis that reach into peoples hearts and just look fucking scary... darth vader looks like a big bitch with a big head, that niggas weak, so Han gets no props... plus, if i gave indie a fucking light saber he would carve han up like a muthafuckin informant. and if they knuckled up, indie would bomb on that fool so hard, he trained with tyson, i put that on... if chewy jumped in tho', thats where it get ill... chewy is a STR8 gangster... his real name is BIG ESE CHEWY LOCO from ES WOOKIE X3... real shit
  2. god damn PARIS that kid gets down the 2nd to last one (the blue one) <~~~ thats the shit props to Paris and Klevr, billboards and rooftops... big ups to the 619 and to bundescake for posting these pz
  3. BIG BIZZUMP!!! alan gus !!! APE KLAN !!! NR destn is everywhere i want more
  4. help everyone...i need you to send me your money...email me at shakinjakes@buffbuster.com for the addy nice post
  5. his "D" and "S" are weak props for any1 all city, but that throwie is not pleasant to look at
  6. that nyner is fucking ugly bump for skur, meat, yanoe, enks amd awes...all fly walls nice post
  7. to me... if someone asked me, "yo, i dont know shit about graffiti, im from buttslap, alabama, and i want to see the fresh shit"...i would tell them to peep WST... i mean fuck... noone comes cleaner these motherfuckers are so seriously fucking ill god damn props to WST and to the Big Sick Ass San Diego ps any1 got paris flicks? i like that roller he did w/ klevr behind the post office next to the Armory
  8. bump for sick pics surge is so damn sick props to kure as well yo, i was on my way to losing my fortunes (100bucks nigga) out at pechanga and i saw some bad ass sier walls, any1 got any flicks
  9. that Resq downtown is fucking dope... that a fucking spot right there... bump for Dago...
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