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  1. DOES ANYBODY HAVE OLD MERK CAC PICS? i have a couple , that i have never seen posted b4. how do i post them?
  2. he was the man, fo sho. beware of popo in these posts, kiddies. these oinkies will do anything, beware.
  3. Only SEEN, DOZE, JUICE, DOC, and PSYCHO have power in TC5... No One Else... No One... what about " Comet" ?? that's who put him down.
  4. how can I post flicks?? I have a couple of his fr8s, and others too.
  5. http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images3/7-...e_joey_wolf.jpg
  6. I remember running into Vet in the tunnels underneath Central Park. That dude, was solo. Doing a fresh piece. He definitely was a rack King. As well as King of Westchester. big ups
  7. FBA is dope They definitely rocked the trains for years. A lot of writers were biting their style at the time.
  8. you must've just started then sonny. Tyke TFO even stepped to Tyke AWR. sorry, but TFO is real grimey and Awr almost fainted. (true fact, ask around)
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