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  1. we don't need no water let this motherfucker burn!
  2. ooppps this isn't in vancouver VTSuckers
  3. 1979 HERBY!!??!! holy shit!
  4. that ohms is soooooooo hot i think i just came in my pants
  5. ya that mink fool.....black gangsta wanna be jock fag......blood sucking maggot. DTVTS.....theys all litttle biatches
  6. oaph

    Eruptoe 327

    i painted my first reefer with eruptoooooo, he hooked up the DTV clan.. DTVTS like whoa! and his hair is soft too.
  7. streaks are dope..... bump for the hommies age,mink,siem,hesk,mentos,moth.....too much to mention. good stuff
  8. oaph


    THIS IS FUNNY SHIT.....THIS IS FROM VANCOUVER BC... FUCK RATS! pigs don't know shit str8 out of police files...wich they obtained from an informer STILL half of the shit is incorrect show how stupid these are Crews and Profiles: A.A. Krew (Aerosol Arsenals) Consists of 4 writers, all of which do not “hit up.” They are Virus - one of the best graffiti artists in the world who has been painting for about 20 years, Dedos who is just as good and been around just as long, Z-Lok who is also a good artist, and FX who we haven’t seen much of. WCB Krew (Wreckn City Blocks) Acrow, another one of the best, DH (Doesn’t Hit up), Kaput, Cosoe, and Cameo who all stick to their letters. Cosoe is 35years old and likes to bring his baseball bat to the train yards to regulate who paints trains in his yards. BSM Krew (Body, Soul, Mind) Take5 – a paraplegic whose work is known across Canada and the United States, who also produces music. There’s also Sensr and Quest who are well known in the Graff community across Canada. EMS Krew Surf, a b boying (break dancing), beat boxing MC who’s very skilled. Adept has the biggest wildstyle letters in town. House makes music and is a good artist. Cone is a b boy and has stylish lettering. Plus has wild style letters, Minds and Phew have a nice style as well. SOA Krew (Society of Artists) Has2, the music producing, Graf artist, MC who’s a creative individual with a ton of motivation. Noble is one of his characters. Tres, Ektos and Gator hit trains mostly. Gator also makes incredible beats. SMF, Owen and Idel conclude SOA. ADK Krew, a team form the States, have migrated north to Canada. UPYOS, Judo, Flare and Erie have hit. ETC Krew (Etcetera) Tars has his unique style. Dekoy, Age, Qwit, Reser, and Keen have all laced the city more than anyone. MOD Krew Obae (also Yaboe), Cola (a female), Rels/sler, Idea, and Rep all have good can control but no real talent. These five people bite (copy) a lot of other people’s style/form when they hit up. They are the young krew so far. SAL Krew are people like Dect, Mentos, and Akrews who are all skilled artists with contorted forms. RSBW (Retarded Style Battle Whores) Roomer, Rates, Webs and Ensoe. The first 3 are skilled in the elements of B Boying, painting and freestyle lyrics. Ensoe is the most improved painter in the shortest period of time. OPIE Has no skill and just wants to be noticed in a reckless fashion. OAPH Has no skill and just wants his ugly no style tags to be everywhere. Risks life to participate in bizarre sports. Has recently started using the handle of Alamo to work on his throw ups. OPE Good characters and is skilled, hits up on occasion. ACT A female who just wants to be seen and hits up wherever she can, she has no artistic ability. ASK An amazing artist, doesn’t hit up. Form Is a good artist as well. Alone Is known throughout Canada and the US, and is one of Canada’s top artists. DFA Krew Kover, Hyper/Zeus and Ajax. Zeus started hitting up young and eventually became the most “up” kid in the city. Kover has gained momentum and is getting up more and more. Ajax is Kover’s sidekick, and used to do a bit of dj-ing but apparently the three of them have drug problems. Kas A girl who has been hitting up more to be everywhere but she’d rather paint trains. TT Krew Deps, Systm and Meth who all do their part to be recognised in the Graf community. MAS Krew Obese tries to be in it with his style but only manages to eye sore what he hits. Ditto for Pars. AIME Has good can control, alright style for the time he’s been writing, but no artistic ability. POS Krew Werd, Furos, Brik, Avers, and Seco. Werd has quite a few productions under his belt. Furos hits up a lot and the other three are less seen. TSA Krew Yeska with his crazy letter fill in and wild letters. He has unique characters as well. Esense is known for his own innovative 3D style letters. Smokey Devil Known for his crack smoking characters that he’s been doing for at least 10 years -------------------- go BIG or go home
  9. thanks to the non haters i fell off alright............oh well
  10. VTS ok man....basicly vts is made up of really good writters (i'm the weak link) that are all amazing people, who truely love to paint. we don't hate, we just do our thing....its funny when people like feck (who i'v talked to tons) try and diss. LOOK at the samo shit on here.....straight dope. lets put it this way....none of us are quiting graff. EVER! vancouver's tightest styles i'm honored! oaph vts live animals
  11. Re: yo.just stop shit is funny....All those VTS cats are tight...except that oaph dude...oh wait! oaph VTS visits through seattle
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