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  1. Sorry didn't want anyone to think I was posting pics that I took myself. those last ones I got from SKER and I was just trying to post some of the people I think are doing work in OK, like SKER and BOWZER and SAIK, but to clarify I didn't take the pictures myself I just posted them. Sorry for any confusion.
  2. does anyone on here make beats? and live in either Tulsa or Muskogee? if so hit me up axer@volta7.com
  3. and Yes Gnasty I hit up a FREE REVOK tag next to my piece cause Revok influenced me and 90% of the graff community, especially where I'm from. I' grew up in Riverside Ca, I went to school with Revok's younger brother. Revok's mom was my boss at my first job when I was 17. I talked with him a few times when i was 16-18 and I took everything he told me to heart. He told me that is supposed to be Us-vs-Them, meaning that graffiti writers need to get each others backs cause when it comes down to it, its us vs the cops, the gov that wants to stop us. But some writers have egos bigger than themselves and don't see each other as being on the same team. So yeah you can laugh that I hit up the guy that paved the way for me and influenced me still to this day.
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