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  1. HUH?

    Law and Order

    Greatest show ever is the original followed closely by svu.that criminal intent bullshit is so fucking stupid.that show should be removed :hatred:
  2. HUH?

    BIPOLAR? am i?

    yeah. I know I'm be thinking like this too. I just can't fucking understand how after all we went through she could just throw it all away. I loved more more than anything else. She said she loved me but it didn't last. I don't get that. Why the fuck do I care about somebody who doesn't give two shits about me? I wish I could just find another chick and forget about my ex, but I don't know how to do that. And it kills me because I know that's exactly what she's doing. I'm just fucking sick and tired of everything. Even if I go out and get drunk with people I end up feeling like shit. Every time i give my trust to a girl they walk all over me. Girls are fucking evil. Quoted post [/b] i totally feel yall on this.me and my girlfreind of 3 fuckin years called it quits cuz she needed to grow up.we both know this yet she still calls me an tells me she misses me an all that shit.everytime i start feelin better about things she fuckin emails or call or something.women are evil.
  3. how could i forget cattle decapitation and pig destroyer
  4. soilent green acid bath crowbar i have seen them all live an they all kicked ass,too bad acid bath doesnt play anymore.they kicked ass. arch enemy eyehategod fleshgrind jungle rot mortician zao embodyment jus to name a few
  5. HUH?


    oxyacetylene welding is a lost art.but it is pretty cool.
  6. HUH?


    i am a welder. to answer your question. ok a mig welder uses constant fed wire to deposit the weld metal and make the weld.it is very easy to learn once you set the wire speed and heat settings right.stick welding or arc welding takes more skill to learn as the rod burns you manually feed the rod by pushing somewhat.if you are making furniture you will probobly be usung square tubing.tubing has thin walls so a mig would probobly be your best choice. mig welding also can be used for aluminium and stainless steel welding.you however must buy aluminium wire or stainless wire to weld these metals.ask away i am probobly the most knowledgable person on this board for welding info.
  7. i will not use a paper towel to dry my hands off cuz they will tear whan they get wet.i only use rags or my pants if there is no rags. my hands must be completely dry.i will dry them off till there is no water on them anywhere. when i wear my workboots or jeans i wear tube socks if they start falling or get crinkled i must pull them up as high as possible. i hate having sticky stuff like syrup on my hands. i wear socks on hard floors cuz i cant stand any grit on the bottoms of my feet. things must be perfectly symetrical.it bothers me if they arent. i will not step on extension cords,guitar cords or video game controller cords. i hate flying. i have to sit at the window seat if i do fly but i am not chlosterphobic(sp?) i hate wasps. i am wierd.
  8. i see no "science" here.jus another guys opinion.prove to me with undeniable evidence that America is jus tryin to fuck things up for everybody.i will listen to you then.people and governments fuck up and mistakes are made i mean could you run this country better than the people that do?could you please everyone?the answer in no.
  9. one name. PORTER CABLE. nuff said
  10. "fourth reich of the rich"by des griffin the illuminati conspiracy,why our money is worthless freemasons and a bunch of other things but i havent gotten that far yet.
  11. my brand new ford four wheel drive:cool: pic of me an Kevin Garnett in the galleria at houston pic of me an my boy with debo from friday ted dibiassi autograph bret hart autograph my collection of kershaw knives my metal sculptures i have built and my aquarium with a rare royal knifefish that is 1 foot long that is about it
  12. HUH?


    well mardi gras was a blast.much drinking an partying.an many beads i am home now.which is with in a days ride.has any one else been or want to go?i recomend it:crazy:
  13. i am a welder.i went to trade school one year an then went to work for a shit job.i learned alot on that job an now i have moved on workin somewhere else.i make good money but i come home tired and hurtin usually.welders inhale all sorts of toxic fumes and it is dangerous.example i am lucky to have my foot after a sheet of steel swung back an hit my ankle pinning my foot and me to the crane. i look at my freinds an see them studyin all the time an broke all the time.they have set goals they want to achieve an will enjoy.i enjoy my work very much but not all people are cut out for trade jobs such as mine.jus do what you feel you will be satisfied with an you will be fine in the long run.everyone has to start out in the shit before it starts to become good.
  14. what happened to gi crew?
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