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  1. funny to see ono and lead propped in the same post. great stuff man! din you catch the con and the fist on that upfe with ono? QUOTE=Realism;8665826]Ono Lead Bump it all, thank you for sharing those.
  2. Wow, the same old shit. Well, someone from LD PM me and tell me what this is about. Thought this was over. Im not checking this thread for responses, just pm me.
  3. yeah, any am heads, pm me asap.
  4. yo man, i pmed you about the print, but your box is full, hit me up with the cost and details.
  6. yo, did that one say rip paso? hope that isn't the paso from tko, good guy.
  7. roger aint gettin snuffed by no one! haha!
  8. bump the wire production!!!
  9. It's a shame that you continue to post on this thread, but are so unbelievably out of touch withe the scene here. Let me lay it on ya, First of all, this is an NSF BBQ wall, Force and Vomit are NSF. Since you are so concerned with FOrce being on the wall with Vomit, let me let you in on a lil secret. He was stoked to be on the wall with vomit and feeling his peace!!!! I'm going to be in his neck of the woods tomorrow, maybe I will have him come on here and tell you about it. As far as you suggesting something to serg about his cooking, c'mon guy!!! With these posts as an example you would have been telling serg how to run SDA and keep Gobe off the wall, prolific bomber here in the burgh, you might have heard of him. Haha. If you knew anything about Pittsburgh crews history and tradition, you would understand we painting with our closest friends and that is what makes it tight and enjoyable and sets our city apArt. Do us a favor and get on with your life, I heard you got an audition, good for you. You should fit right in on the set of Toy Story 4. Don't talk back sonny, just get out the way and let us pros do our job, so you can jock it.
  10. Hey man, you've already been checked by one of your friends earlier this year, for stepping out of line with another crew. learn from your mistakes.
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