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  1. I'm sure some of these have already been posted. Better than nothing.
  2. Lucidity is the bomb, i managed to breathe under water the other night, extemely worth learning!
  3. 1. Buckwild 2. Rawcus 3. Owned 4. B'Jesus 5. um
  4. Who here can lucidify there dreams? I learnt to do it and was able to breath under water purely because i knew i was in a dream, it is the maddest shit. untill you try it you have no idea, you can literally do anything! Read this if interested. Click this.
  5. http://www.wakinglifemovie.com/images/backgrounds_pc/CloudPeople.bmp'>
  6. I saw Waking Life (the movie) today. After bending my mind around all the questions and opinions one quite trivial question remained, Is the main character dead all along? kind of like bruce willis in the sixth sense? If you haven't seen this movie it comes highly recommended, especially if you like the idea of lucid dreaming (being able to control your dreams). Either way this is a good film to watch on acid. http://www.wakinglifemovie.com/images/enter.jpg'> Waking Life.
  7. Heres a photo i found when i typed in 12oz prophet. http://moritz.cnskillz.com/bilder/12oz.gif'> pretty poor.
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