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  1. ha, yeah i remember that one. i remember hearing that a lot of people down there weren't too happy with the way that episode portrayed things, saying it made the country look like a more violent place than it really is. and that episode takes place in rio, which does have its problems, but i can see how some might think that episode was a little over the top. but that part is hilarious. i remember watching kids shows down there and it was quite similar, where the host would be wearing real skimpy outfits. of course, can't forget the weekly sunday night show, where they featured a wet t-shirt contest, and all through the show there were these dancers in the back of the stage and they would show them when they would go/come back from commercials.
  2. my room is extremely messy. need to get a hold of a good feng shue book.
  3. thanks cracked, just wanted to know what they carry, that's all. i figured it would be some type of debris because of the tarps covering the top.
  4. if you are truly bored, you will go to www.download.com, download a text to speech program called "Bill!", and copy the text beardo posted and have Bill! read it.:idea:
  5. i have to ask, because i don't know...what do KRL's carry?
  6. http://www.kramerskorner.com/kingsx/images/covers/bill-ted.jpg'> i remember watching this and having nightmares afterwards about the part where the robot bill and ted rip their skin off and reveal their robot skeleton and insides and what not. scared the crap out of me.
  7. my roomate last year is into that stuff and i must have watched that flick a hundred times. good shit.
  8. i don't know what's worse, this story or saying that a wigger is a white nigger.
  9. bump...it's funny, i did a search for clark but must have missed this thread. that character is sonny rollins, off of sonny rollins-volume 1. http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset20/2002/09/13/10079/10079309_0_3696.fpx,0,0,1,1,600,457,FFFFFF'> http://image.allmusic.com/00/amg/cov200/dre300/e387/e387963y174.jpg'> jazz dorks know what's up
  10. here, fill in the blank: if you say a wigger is a white nigger, then a black person is a ______.
  11. http://www.graffiti.org/war/whatsgoingon.jpg'> taken from the graffiti.org
  12. i really dig this guy's stuff. if you have any flicks to contribute, please add. http://www.kfabb.com/artworkphotos-webres/22-clark.jpg'>
  13. wigger is like 12 year old talk. i just think it oversimplifies things a little too much..maybe you coulda asked why the hip hop culture has caught on to so many middle to upper class whites living in the burbs? or something like that...it might sound just as dumb but i just feel that it would speak to the entire classroom, then people would want to say how they feel and boom, you have a nice discussion going. what do i know though, i don't take any classes like that.
  14. oh you said spam. my bad. i read it and connected it with pop-ups. but i know pop-ups must annoy some people just as much, so give that program a shot.
  15. last bought, stravinsky's "rite of spring" i would really like to get the miles davis at the plugged nickel box set
  16. "22-year veteran". how can a 22 year old be a veteran in the first place? at least you admitted you were wrong. that's one step in the right direction. that deserves a golf clap.
  17. good, graffiti is for losers
  18. ^^^ i'm the tiny insect or whatever it is, being carried by the ant in the middle. looks like the baby shrimp that gets fed to my roomate's turtle. this weekend? [boring]house keeping at my parents new place, which includes walking my dog. working tonight, and getting started on a big paper due Tuesday.[/boring]
  19. That's a good point right there. I think this is all really up to the people, not to Bloomberg or whoever else is behind this. I'm a non smoker, and of course smoke bothers me and so on, and I know that I encounter that whenever I play gigs at bars. My clothes and gig bag will smell like ass for the next couple of days, but eventually it goes away. My point is, if people are bothered so much by smoke they will take it upon themselves to not be in a place where they know they'll encounter this, and if they do they should know what they're in for, that's all. Sounds like a bunch of 5 year olds are making all these laws. Another thing too, which someone mentioned, just make sure the bar has a good ventilation system and it's cool. I've been in bars and it's not always a problem even. And the other thing too is, if you put a crowd of 15 smokers outside, wouldn't that make the sidewalk a "hazardous" place for non smokers? Not to mention littering with all the cigarette butts. So I say just keep them inside and put a sign up that says "Beware of smokers". Sheesh.
  20. saw the flick at a local indie movie theatre. very good flick and i bet it's even better in the theatre theatre.
  21. if i had the know how i would make that thing blink and do all types of faggy shit
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