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  1. damn i havent been on here in days... looks like the same old shit talkin going on.... have fun....
  2. seen it all said some real shit..... anyways man, i didnt know him but rip f8...
  3. nice post, def feelin that lords and that mize..
  4. i havent talked to him in a long time... but i dont think my nig is dead.. maybe crashed his whip though.. stuntin in the O or something, sideshowin.. and flamboastin. get at me my ninja.
  5. these fools are fresh as hell.... big bump...
  6. siar and tase killin it like always.... wheres my nigga daysr at?
  7. damn. lords brings back old school memories.... i remember i think i was in like 6th grade during break at school and shit we would all run to the bathrooms and catch a meanstreak tag or a melted crayon or a fat pilot tag in the bathroom... then this cat brought a black krylon with a fat cap and did a big ass lords in the bathroom.. that shit was wild back then... i think that same year this guy lord.des used to kill san jo.... everywhere nigga had shit on lock. 594 used to kill shit too... still has some shit runnin in sj.. mesr had some shit here and there too... lords is hella fresh though.. still to this day... fools do everything in that crew... whats up with leks or mr bowen... whats up with some bizaro or kasm or obces. my nigga kasm is ill boy.. he had a nice interview in REFUSED MAGAZINE.. actually theres alot of lords shit in there... yall should get that shit if your into lords... keep killing shit lords...<---- i probably wouldnt have started writing if i never saw anything by these guys... damn i could tell a whole bunch of stories about lords but i dont want to bore you guys... so fuck it keep doing what yall do... lords all day boyyyyy...
  8. stat still is not fresh... :love2:
  9. dear KILLZ : aka stat first off you got caught 3 times before i ever got caught, actually probably more then that.. so how am i a snittch.. if i can recall didnt you kick it with the task force? they used to follow you home and go to your house and talk to you.. tell me when im lying ok... you said" i dont know what w.. is talking about, hathaway is hella cool " you even said they were talking about a few people in kyt. one in particular. you even told me that you told the task my first name. and you said you told them my last name was someone is kyts. u know who im talking about dont front... then the next week i get hemmed up at school.... seems that someone told on me.. so i get 5yrs gang probation and hella other shit.. you sir got caught 3 times in one week and got slapped on the wrist.. and talkin about kyt so what if i think veks is fresh. i aint gonna front if someone is good or not. i might not like some people in his crew but ill give respect where its due..theres probably a couple more who i think are fresh. that dont mean we wont fight or some shit when they see us or we see them. now about me. i havent done as much graf as i should have done, being that i probably havent painted in like 2 years and i still have done more than your little ass.. i got more trains that i painted that are dissed than you have ever done fill ins.. so dont even talk about doing shit. u stay in one citty little nigga. your going now where fast... you stay gettin punked. what about you getting kicked out of tsu and getting put in aoq.. what about cmk throwing a brick through your window and you not doing shit. what about you gettin stole on for your jersey at a party. i can keep on going with stories nephew... oh yeah about you some more what about when you were thought u were talking to diar on the partyline. and he said you can be in dtc.. remember when you were runnin around doing dtc tags... because you thought you were in it.. and he met you somewhere and he said that wasnt him and you got hella sad... your a dickrider you were sad because you never got in wkt like 5 years ago.. and i did.. you were bugging z... to get in, and he said no.. then you went out dissing niggas. im the reason your little ass aint a virgin. i gave you your first girl. ... you still know who im talkin about. anyways quit running your little mouth if i snitched how did i get the worst sentance out all your so called friends. quit running your fake gold front mouth on the net.. see me somewhere. i dont got time to write these long ass letters anymore. they give me headaches especially on this thread... get on my hype<--- ps. your not mac dre so let it go... you aint hyphy either..
  10. kose is gangsta learn your history... fool put in hella work.. good shit to see him out and about again... what up with the tase iful time. good shit my nigs...
  11. anyone else, notice that MIZE was over a ELSE.. ??? i have a flick of that ELSE somewhere maybe ill post it.
  12. good shit keep the flicks coming..
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