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  1. i think 'how dumb are you' takes the cake. ha.
  2. go team awesome. Quoted post [/b] go team awesome.
  3. kwest. worms. other stuff. and me of course. where did you catch these?
  4. ive been sick for 4 or 5 days so the couple of people im mail stickers to..they arent on the way yet.but theyll will be shortly. i got your sticks today rojotelefonooooo. they are very cool indeed.
  5. someone better take that shit down. and you know what the fuck i mean. i will beat the life out of you.
  6. I really really hope you're joking. His stuff is better than yours, easily. Quoted post [/b] ouch! hahaha... thanks ..i think. dork was joking by the way..cuz were cool like that. even if he doesnt really paint and uses photoshop to make all his "graffiti"..hes really got you guys fooled.
  7. heh yeah.. some people just keep their brain in a box under the bed. they cant help it..anything that isnt a tag is wack or art fag shit or something like that. id rather do an actual tag on a sign or whatever than a sticker of a tag. seems kind of cheap to me. i usually save the letters for the trains. blh blah blah//. ill post some more shit in a little bit. and thank ye kindly.
  8. some more art faggery from this morning.
  9. cool....but sorry that´s the way i like my style...but trust me i´ll work it evry day... :innocent: Quoted post [/b] your style isnt the type of shit i normally like but those were fucking awesome.. i really like them all.
  10. what a jackass. thanks for brightening up my early morning hours sluggo. :haha: question..what will get noticed and remembered more? my art fag type shit or your sloppy tag on a postal sticker? assuming you were talkin about my stickers. where are you super rad non-artfag type of shit stickers at buddy boy?
  11. :love2: :love2: :love2: wow. you blew my sister away and shes not even into trains or graffiti. wow wow.
  12. a couple i just did. should have scanned it before i put tape over it..oooh well. same shit basically. ones just a little bigger. yep.
  13. shut up. please? i said please damn it. but youre probably right. hahaha. but really..just shut up. or dont. or well i dont know. im just a little bit bored right now. carry on.
  14. im gonna cut your fucking head off and use yr skul for a cereal bowl you fucking toy ass bitch ass motherfucking toy ass toy. you thik you know a guy and then he tries to put his hand down your pants and its a whole new ballgame.... dorko just doesnt understand that no means no. you guys are all the same..only after one thing :( ..my freight spots. haha.. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: these litle faces are fucking dumb. :chicken: :chicken: :clown2: :hatred: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: you better be here next week bitch! OR ELSE>
  15. these are kinda old(year and half ago). and kinda shitty. whatever. i did my part. now someone throw a rotten tomato at me!
  16. I'd love to get some of those stickers in the mail sir. seriously. i love them. email me if youre interested in some sort of trade or something.
  17. that unfinished one is killer... the last one is good but if it had a 3d it would be like 110% better. question is..can you paint it? click that little email thing sir.
  18. i think he just bowled a perfect game.
  19. i agree with this man 100%. i know i do simple goofy weird characters like a lot of people do now..but ive been doing them for umm. a lot of years.. rock out with your cock out little kiddies. fantom can draw rill pur-dee pick-churrz...
  20. thanks..the E is the best part of that for sure. haha. i see youre from new orleans. email me man.
  21. Re: The equation to what is wrong here. what the fuck is real? i can name off a few 'rich scene children' who are/were pretty god damn real when it comes to graffiti. you seem more concerned with peoples bank accounts and living conditions than their graffiti output and when we are talking about graffiti that should be the main concern..yes? rich kids tend to get on my nerves when theyre talking their " im better than you poor guy i have 2000 dollar shoes and a 80,000 car..blah blah blah..." ..but oh well. if theyre out painting then they are part of graffiti whether you like them or not. your jealousy is shining through nice and bright green sir. I WISH I WAS RICH TOO BOO FUCKIN HOO..... while I do prefer houston 1997 to houston 2004..things change. deal with it or dont..and since youre concerned with keeping it real..why dont you let everyone know who you are? you have some interesting points..but the argument is weak. YAWN. ps. just so you know(if you dont already) im not a rich scene child taking sides with my brethren. haha. whatever.. KEEP IT REALER
  22. not new. but i just colored it. i cant find the rest of them http://img37.photobucket.com/albums/v114/thetrainbum/paper/12ozvomit.jpg'>
  23. i dont really call it anything except fun to paint and draw. i guess its sort of abstract. its all about the lines. trains need to be painted.. mr dork is correct.
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