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  1. cornelius


    i usually roll my own.. my favorite is robert mcconnell's special london. it's damn excellent. you open up that tin and it smells so sweet and fresh.. mmm... it's the best for spliffs too. usually if you go to a tobacco shop, they'll have an assortment of rolling tobaccos to choose from. you can also combine different tobaccos to make your own blends. it goes for around $2.50 an ounce where i'm at. no additives, it tastes/smells better than the pack cigarettes, smokes a hell of a lot smoother, and depending on how you roll and how much you put in em, they'll burn for up to 10 minutes. plus you definitely get more than 20 cigarettes from a pouch of tobacco. enjoying your smoke, saving money, rockin it outlaw style with no filters.. can't beat that.
  2. cornelius


    alright.. this lady hasn't used her cerebral cortex in so long that at this point, it's the same consistency as watered down oatmeal. when they say she's a vegetable, goddammit, they mean it.. she's a fucking vegetable. yeah, she sporadically responds to light and sound... big deal.. plants do that too. and what happens when you stop watering your plants? hmm.. let's think for a minute.... .. do they scream and cry in agony? no..... they don't. vegetables don't scream at all.. they just wither up and die. i don't care what hippies say, i don't hear shit. basically, any part of her brain that would process the pain and suffering involved with death by starvation is not there. so she's just gonna dry up and die. boo hoo.. why would you want her to live anyway? i wouldn't want to live if all i did was sit around and shit myself all day. c'mon...
  3. cornelius

    "Nifty Industrial Marker"

    sharpie has some industrial markers too, they write on oily and wet surfaces.. i picked a couple up about a week ago, they write really nice. it's still the same felt innards, but the ink mixture is a bit different, the smell isn't as harsh. it comes out a little more solid than usual. i like em pretty well.
  4. cornelius


    nice work... good to see a thread up right when i move to the city... hope to see some of you out there soon..
  5. cornelius


    it's in norwich, connecticut... i was in the next town over, groton, for a few years... a group of friends and i would go out there from time to time to explore the premises.... it's not just one building, but a whole complex... like a mini-town between towns... they randomly closed it down in the 80's.. but for a while it was the leader in experimenting with lobotamies, as well as testing certain drugs on patients such as lsd... it had an immense number of inpatients, but very few outpatients... it's also a graveyard.. and lies next to the largest jewish graveyard in the state... there are all kinds of tunnels that go underneath to get from place to place.. but i wouldn't fuck with that... i've heard of people getting stuck in there, i'm not sure if it's true, but i'm not testing that shit... it's pretty chill to go to in the daytime in the winter.. you're still guaranteed to see something odd happening, and feel like you're being watched the whole time.. but not nearly as scary as getting deep in there... there are so many buildings to explore.. if you stumble upon the creepier buildings, like the operating rooms, or the dormitories, you'll feel it for sure... when it's chill though, you can still loot places.. we've found baby carriages that look like they're from the 20's, spinal tap needles, all kinds of beds, trays, random medical equipment... lots of artifacts here... i'd definitely check it out if you're close...
  6. cornelius


    i can't really defend white noise... but i can say paranormal activity is very real.. after going to the norwich insane asylum, and seeing the crazy shit that goes on there.. it would make a believer out of anyone... any place where cats go to pile up and die has something fucked up going on in it.. rats in the walls make them feel like crawling flesh.. and in the housing area, you will find random half size footprints that neither begin nor end in any specific location... straight lines.. circles... in the middle of the snow covered road... that's enough hard evidence for me... i'm not trying to mess around with ghosts... that place scares the shit out of me even if i'm just driving past.. serious bad energy coming out of there...
  7. cornelius

    can girls do this?

    man... if that girl is feeding you, and feeding you right, stick around for a little bit at least, or your ass is stuck eating ramen for the next month... because you know not many girls can get down in the kitchen these days.... your next girl will probably just hook you up with hot dogs and mac & cheese.... fuck that... i say ride that shit for a little while....
  8. cornelius

    Is anyone else drinking?

    hennessey on the rocks is pretty nice... but today, i started off with coffee, bailey's, and kahlua... then went to the courvossier and dominoes.... not a bad day at all...
  9. cornelius

    practice walls

    yeah, don't stress it... i live in an attic space... so i've utilized every surface in my room for practicing.... it's pretty nice, because i get to practice all sorts of different scenarios... stairwell.. car door... angled spot.. steppin over gaps to paint different walls... basically picture a graffiti version of american gladiators... and you've got my practice space....
  10. cornelius

    Steam on Cold Days

    i've always wondered the same thing.. so i often find myself staring at people's butts on cold days to see if i can spot some clouds floatin around..
  11. cornelius

    graffiti doesnt really brainwash it educates!!

    it prompted me to learn more about police, and how to be one step ahead before i go out... definitely continuously helps me work on my stealth abilities and acrobatics... other than that, i gotta say.. i'm pretty hypnotized by it... especially if i've been tearin it up... once you get on a roll, you can't... stop... must.... paint..... more....
  12. cornelius

    Writers get all the girls

    it definitely causes a slight decrease in total pussy per year... lookin and smellin like you just came out of labor ready doesn't help you get the ladies in bed... "ew you smell like paint thinner" might be cool to you, but that is by no means a mating call or a good sign of her wanting to get you into her bed... and if you do luck out and find yourself in the company of a lovely lady.. chances are.. if you give her the whole thing, and not just the tip... she'll be sweating you a lot more than you want her to... and then you find yourself saying this... "sorry, i can't stay at your place tonight, i've gotta go paint...." and that pisses them off... so you get cut off... so you've pretty much just given up constant pussy for more nights of beautiful aerosol action.... loser..
  13. cornelius

    Guidelines for saying NO to police searches.

    you have the highest possibility of developing a latex reaction with the powdered gloves.. avoid them altogether...they're bad news... the powder in them increases the amount of latex entering the blood stream... basically your sweaty hands are breaking down the latex and it's absorbing into your skin.. thus entering the blood stream... and after prolonged exposure to such conditions, your skin starts to dry out, develop sores, break open and bleed...if you are using powderless and changing them often, you should be in the clear.. but keep in mind petroleum based products (pretty much all paints) break down the latex in the gloves, making them porous... and with small amounts of petroleum.. you're lookin at around a 4 minute breakdown... but we don't need to get into all that... chances are, if you're only using latex gloves for goin out painting, you should be in the clear.. unless you paint 24/7... which i seriously doubt... but if you really do have a serious concern, or already do have a reaction to natural rubber latex, you can use synthetic rubber gloves such as nitrile, or neoprene.... but all this shit is mostly for medical professions and tattoo/piercing artists... and can also be very expensive... you'd probably be alright using those huge vinyl gloves they use for making sandwiches... anyway.. hope that clears it up a bit for you..
  14. cornelius

    fucking window etching...

    sandblasting it would be about the same as rolling etch onto the whole window... so unless you want fogged out windows... just get some new ones.... or you could get crazy and put up a big stencil on the window, covering the lame shit within the design, then sandblast it so you'll have a whole nice etched out window... don't know the cost, but that would look nice... also, in defense of the opposing sides.... if you had some level of respect from the kids, you probably wouldn't be gettin bombed... i work in a tattoo parlor, and we never get bombed, you have to work with people... get some connections.. gain some respect... until then... you'll keep gettin fucked.. that's just how it goes...
  15. cornelius

    How often do you sketch?

    with my job, i can't NOT draw... wether it be some shitty tribal or someone else's idea done in my style interpretation... i'm always drawing... when i'm not at work, and drawing for myself.. i get down and don't fuck around... i throw on some xasthur, heat up some coffee, and light up the joints and draw until i pass out.. definitely more than 6 hours... when i get in the groove, i draw my ass off.. but there's always those times when i don't draw for weeks, or even months when it's bad... but once i get back up, i lose sleep because i'm seeing shit and have to stay up to draw it....