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  1. Some people haven't changed their style since birth, I'm not into that but to each his own. but ATOM...come on bro...dude was sick and constantly flippin his shit. Don't know how he was bunched up with the other 2:confused:
  2. You need a new name to post that... Quoted post :haha: ...beg's got more trains that you'll even see in your life. he rolls with who he wants...
  3. you heard wrong Quoted post hahahaha yea WHOSTOLETHESOUL....who are you why dont you tell us what you "heard" cus thats some BS if you wanna hear about niggas gettin their ass beat i got a list thats real long...but BST aint on it trust me Quoted post [/b] shits done and none of you were probably even part of it, keep it off the soap opera board...
  4. WhoStole: I herd the same, but lets not air out their dirty laundry here. Plus I hear that shit got settled after the beatdown. If we talked about all the toys that get bruised up, this thread wouldn't have any flicks. By the way where's Phunk?
  5. I hope this is the last message on the topic.... Get off the soap opera that doesn't concern any of us. Beef is Beef and talkin about this shit on the internet is gay. Legal walls are some weird bi-product of true graffiti and shouldn't even be part of an arguement. I'd rather stomp on some toy for writing on quality illegal shit. Keep it real in SF, we are supposed to be sucka free. This is teachin the youth out there how to beef, while also tryin to confine them into little style pigeon holes. Fuck all that. King Dream was about pushin the limits with his letters...all these old schoolers were. Let the outta towners come, as long as they respect who's here, and understand that the kids will be bitin their shit, mixin it with our native styles. One of the TMF guys was even from outta town (KR). Its just part of the cycle. You can't fight the future, just gotta roll with the punches. Coming with some fresh new shit and being able to evolve your style almost garuntees worldwide recognition, and recognition for your city will follow. I got respect for 1track Mind,you guys are putting out quality printed mags...but do understand that you weren't the first to put the bay into print. • Midnite Sonz was an ill black and white from the bay interviewing style master Dream. • No Limits to Fame was also a good color mag that had progressive shit from Oakland. • Urban autograff gave that update when there was nothing repin the bay. There will always be a rivalry with style philosophies, shit would be boring if it wasnt. There will always be people with technical-asemetrical styles like cray, and more evenly balanced chunky letters like Dug. Fuck it, do your thing...shine. Inspire these toys to get hip to style! School these bus hoppers on some OG SF bus hands, and let them expand from there. Teach toys the throw-ups cover tags, Burners cover throw-ups, tags on the side of burners gets the beat down. ***WE GOT WAY TOO MANY TOYS HERE to worry about people with can control!!! I'm not really on either side of this. I don't know either side and still have respect for both sides based on their actions in the past. Cray brought some indiginous angles, Buter burnt Mirez. I'm just a native sick of seeing MY city falling off stylistically because of some politics. "WHO STOLE THE SOUL???"
  6. "e" is for clock "h'" is for key haha, nice idea! I like how u used the shitty cars to do this!
  7. seems like things changed since dream was around. Wish the bay would start honoring his legacy and start flippin their styles instead of get into beef to gain fame. RIP DREAM
  8. the Homie DZYR on the fuck thanksgiving character. RAW
  9. Yeah, that litte 2 footer throwie without style is pretty wack. I usually dont hate on toys, but going over a classic ass shot (peep the malicious mischief video) is not forgivable. and he side busted dug and deen! cant wait till dug bumps into him... ...someone from tmf should go up there and re-do that shit. I would if it was my crew.
  10. thought i'd add this to the "tips." I found it on some wheat paster's flickr page (http://shurl.net/oW) Stix: maybe you can bless us with a lesson on wheat pasting.
  11. Bump for all that shit that thephunkbaby posted. Especially that pray and the statue flick. nice floaters
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