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  1. anything less would be uncivilized
  2. i dont get it? whats the point of putting this site up here? Is it supposed to be entertaining?
  3. man remember that game rygar? that sound track used to piss me off the same loop just over and over
  4. oh yeah i got this joint reason. But im waiting on a keyboard cause its necessary to finish off your drum beats.Wicked dope program tho like when you press tab to flip the rack
  5. that doesnt even come close to the asian guy rockin the dre tunes somebody post that lil jammy
  6. I dont know about this new shit but i pretty much find myself randomly humming the original mario bros.which is dope the time running out and the dungeon levels
  7. the thing that bothers me is that the shizzle fizzle talk was not from snoop but from 70s slang.
  8. whoa nuff respect and much versatility
  9. when you get that shit big enuff i can stick my dick in your ear
  10. goddamnit i knew it was to good to be true. Whos the sucka now?
  11. good suggestion i would also reccomend seeing the doc and then bailing on the bill
  12. THE BLACKOUT THREAD yeah suckaz i made the blackout thread that shit was dope.Although i did have yo climb 21 flights of stairs. Anyone else on thi bi itch get hit by the blackout?
  13. heh eh heh just cause you think hip hop sucks is no reason to listen to trance. Just dig around a little
  14. yes playas good looking i admit it is to much to fit all on one disc obviously. I think this will be 1st in a series to all those that recently sent adress keep a look out.
  15. i think your missing the point of this site entirely
  16. oh shit sorry im retarded that was ice cube. I forgot where i was
  17. for real somebody please tell me that was photoshopped.
  18. YO i just bit this topic off the rollerblading Vs SKATEBOARDING thread and wanted to vent and allow others to vent about how much the razor is wack. The original scooter i could accept but the razor....And older people riding them shits for some reason pisses me off 2nd?
  19. yo that quote under the pac is real good. "JUST WAKING UP IN THE MORNING GOTTA THANK GOD"
  20. MASk!

    H4x0r Economist

    i think im following that shit?
  21. Blah i shop at VIM what you know about that.
  22. yo what up. Im suprised more of yall didnt take up this offer for a free mix cd. I already sent out to the first cats who requested dont sleep.
  23. Man i always thought those cannon xl joints were nice but i dont really know much
  24. that was pretty stupid but i enjoyed looking at those sorry ass pics none the less
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