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  1. damn, cue2 from MIAMI? Looks alot like him. Seen him paint. Very CLEAN with his shit... Howd you get in touch with him is the question? peas
  2. dave,, simple, yet effective oh yeah those others.... mber jbue's
  3. so many favs to pick from... um..uh..oh yeah, i like that one!
  4. FLiPWriTeR


    to this point, if you dont like wholecars and its likes, you do now. isssto!
  5. Now this is one thread i wouldnt want to be in. YOU ARE BANNED from Graffiti and all its likes!
  6. ahh BFK paper 4 dollars a sheet. works well with charcoal and some pastels.. whats your inline..gellys? nice!
  7. alot of hoppers=alot of hoax the arsn and peir got me!
  8. This may sound wierd.. but i like the police. oh and them fsa kats ....peas
  9. the "blue" on the awe, um yeah im droolin... its fresher than oranges being delivered by them carssss
  10. Nice PAGE's, although they are not the same page. 1st page from west coast, 2nd page from east coast.. Damn,,, im Going Insane DEH.GI
  11. yup yup, tyboe india. im becoming a fan of india's works..........ahhh
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