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  1. Re: i am doing this on the worst hangover... graffitisux - ignored by all, but makes the top of devilush's list. yeeha. people i like: devilush. do i really need to explain why? sweetest girl on earth (besides my wife:p) ivo. cos he drives everyone absolutely nuts. i don't know anyone else from here personally, so i won't comment.
  2. seriously dude, it is not hard to find instructions on how to post a picture. at least TRY and find out how to do it first before writing some bullshit post
  3. ivo's a good man and he may have a few nay-sayers, but he's got alot more friends. props to the rest of my FGA heads.
  4. graffitiSUX


    another bump for king chintz. fuck all butt-hurt americans who wanna dis. it's all well and good about the kids in ny way back in the day, but let's face it, it was ALOT easier to paint passenger trains back then. nowadays there is ONE person in new york constantly doing trains and making his presence felt, and that's cope. where are the rest of em?
  5. graffitiSUX


    and SHITTY. not worth the 20 cents worth of plastic it's pressed on.
  6. 'what are you doing for new years?' nothing
  7. i don't wear glasses. i wear a watch. its a green pokemon watch that i bought for $2 at burger king. i've had it for a year now and it's kept perfect time, which is 11 months and 3 weeks longer than i thought it would last for.
  8. i just got clothes and stuff this year. my parents sent me a framed foto of my cousin who died this year. it's taking pride of place on the wall in my living room. my favorite present of all time was the he-man castle greyskull when i was like 6.
  9. play tony hawk's pro skater on one pc, then download mp3's and post on 12oz on the other pc for 8 hours then go home and have sex with my wife. life is good.
  10. i used to live in this share house with a couple dudes and a couple chicks. the 2 dudes were hairdressers and were on their feet all day. they used to leave their shoes on the doorstep and you could smell them from accross the street. it was horrible. one day we took the shoes and threw them in the dumpster around the corner. they had no idea where their shoes went and they had to buy new ones. that solved the stinky shoes problem.
  11. graffitiSUX

    flying poo

    bonus. just like the movies
  12. i dunno if you'll read this, but i'm from australia. i connected and painted with cern while he was in europe and he put me down
  13. rio is one of my faves. dortmund in the mid 90's was the fucking dopest spot for graf
  14. graffitiSUX


    has anyone seen the live action asterix film? i saw it a couple days ago. it was dope. and the cartoon version of asterics and the soothsayer was on 2 weeks ago. asterix is dope.
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