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  1. a dude with a handle thats an A.R.E. Weapons song calling people trendy....
  2. yeah, cause everyone knows people who ride track bikes can't paint. know one who's rode a cool hipster bike has ever wrecked this city, nope. that's never happened in the last 10 years. stereotyping works.
  3. The Dude


    2 dudes i work with have those bikes, think the "bianchi" is actually painted on the bike, he got it off somehow but it took the shine off the chrome, so he painted it. if i had one of those shits, id just throw masking tape over the bianchi and paint the whole thing white, and change that fucking fork....
  4. Isee was the bomber back da in dayz. Anyone know what happened to arise when he was doing the angel winged letter throws? Anyone got their hands on that era of flics? Quoted post [/b] i think you mean Atom, not Arise..
  5. that girl posing next to the general lee :naughty:
  6. im not going to drop the soap opera style info, but beef is always because of something you dont even need to ask about because its obvious: somebody doesnt like somebody or someone from their crew. its that simple. no need to dwell or lose sleep 12ounce isnt the place..
  7. LA is hit or miss.. but i kinda miss some of the graffiti, not the weather and the shitheads though.....
  8. my friend kinda broke his dick once, his nickname is now "eggplant".
  9. im suprised it took this long for someone to post that jade/jenks/dreos wall....
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