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  1. I like that pizza town hand. That’s fresh.
  2. Junior member still. This game is really hard to break into. @misteraven
  3. C7917AD7-11D9-4B0F-B4A8-630717BBF361.MOV
  4. I’m old and don’t know what the kids are doing these days. And I stopped taking pictures of things. I do ride my bike around this town from time to time and catch hands. Im glad to see this place is back, and in the spirit of bumping 12oz, I will toss a few pictures of that in here, just to get it moving.
  5. actually its ouija,quiter(x2), zews, awrye, jetue, eagr, and twice. word.
  6. http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/spotrok/killall.jpg'> sorry i will put more up in a bit. i just had to make sure that it was gonna come out all right.
  7. you are a sucker 1. because i have never posted anything i have done on here so dont try to pop shit. 2. because i wont hide behind a screen name. 3. yes, when other people post thier shit up it does make our area look bad, but not because they put up garbeldy gook, its because when someone tells them what it looks like, they cry and act stupid, which in tturn makes the rest of the area look like clowns. 4. i dont really crack jokes a lot. go look at all my posts player i didnt post any replys for almost a full year untill you guys started crying about how we are so evil. peace
  8. propaganda you can beon thnet as much as you want skipper. i dont really care and neither does anyone else. but when you start to act like an idiot, and pop off shit for no apparent reason, thats when someone is gonna tell you that maybe you shouldnt be on it. in case you havent noticed this forum is kind of a national thing, alot of people see it. and in every case where my area has been represented, there has been about 15 newjacks talking like they are kings for every one or two good pieces. so maybe before you go and write another "im such a sucker maifesto" you should try to read int
  9. word to big e. drinking beer at fame city. fo shore.
  10. heh. allright skippy....if you want to battle bring it. i mean. if you think you can....25 cans...rusto. that is all. lemme know. and uhhh if i win i will punch you in the face....well .... i might just do that anyways...and as for jealousy...i dont think you should hope for that much...i just dont like uppity little bastards who dont give respect where its due. i wrote you a reply on that wall and i told you to keep to your self. so....figgure it out skippy....you battle you lose... :D <---take :mad: <---me
  11. blah blah. i dont think that i want to im you. i dont need everytoy in the world iming me after i talk to you...asking me for caps and shit. what do you want?
  12. oh hey whats up mr.seven, sorry i missed you last time you came up but i didnt even know you were here, when you do come up, lemme and mr.pro w. know, we can go goof off and be dorks and do lots of fake leagal non-keepin-it-real stuff. laydownanddie@hotmail.com
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