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  1. there was a weekend where i was pulling a couple back to back 20 hours days. i pretty much lived off this stuff. its worth noting that the majority of time this stuff was working its magic i was concerned people would thing i had done too much coke. seriously. its bad.


    i cant imagine using this stuff in any normal setting.

  2. my girlfriend loves this show. i figure its either "scrubs" or i have to sit through "friends" which has to be the worst show ever in the history of television. its pretty entertaining and especially enjoyable after having to watch "americas next top model" or some such bullshit. we are pretty much getting to the point where there is a housewide ban on MTV (except for rob and big). that channel is like brain diarrhea. cant do it.

  3. by that logic i guess i should be able to walk out the front door of my home in the city and shoot skeet, huh? i mean, who cares if it harms the kids playing on the street....its my choice so that should be good enough. after all, god forbid i have to drive 20 minutes to a range where im not in danger of hitting other people. stupid....


    anyway, im in agreement with you on this one casek. this is absurd and even a little scary. more misguided and short sighted than scary but scary none the less. personally id like to see more of our governments resources going to education when it comes to nutrition. maybe take a break from scaring people with threat levels and run a PSA or two about a balanced diet and the benefit of exercise. i dont know, just a thought.

  4. it used to be that you had to turn them on. with the programmable one you can set the day and the time when it runs so it just pops out while youre at work. its supposed to go back to the dock to recharge until the next cleaning but today it had a run in with the wall and i guess it just crapped out. im sure my cats were relieved.



    since this thread is random as shit ill go ahead an mention im watching apocolypto which is bizarre. i couldnt even tell you where mel gibson was trying to go with this one...

  5. Would anyone here be at all remotely interested in hardcore records such as Saetia, Volume 11, Converge, Orchid, etc. I'm not looking to make bank, just giving them a proper home. PM if insterested


    i may be interested in the converge depending on what they are. i love orchid but already have that situation on lockdown. what else are you looking to move?

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