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Wiz this Wiz that...

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Dont get me wrong - wiz is a ill artist - but all them Pawtuket kats be swingin on wiz'z sack..it seems that WIZ is there idle -

no offence - but THERE ARE DOPER writters out there...im not hating - but look around kiddies - there are some real nice artist out there other then wizart...


speak what u feel....

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straight -


LIKE I SAID - IM NOT HATING on anyone..and im all set with havin them Pawtuket kats swingin on my balls...like i said NO DISRESPECT...but enough is enough with WIZ..thats all i hear..


but i dont want beef im just stating a FACT...


And about the forum - sorry about the post - i wasnt paying attention to what forum i was in...

sorry bout that



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