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  1. wow... am suprised to see that no one has posted flicks of that A2M whole autorack that lead did. I have flicks of it, but no time to post them...maye later.
  2. me gusta aven, grassy ass por los pictureos.
  3. they remind me of a2m in a way. I dont want to dis on those fellas because they are really good artists, but they all have a style that looks like shit. I know they can paint because I have seen some really good shit, but it seems like they are trying to make their stuff look like crap. I guess it's a style thing. In all honesty I think this stuff looks like crap, what exactly are they trying to prove? If they want it to look weird and artsy, then they need to realize that there is a line between that and crap, and they seem to have stumbled onto the crap side of the line. SOrry if this makes no sense, it sounded good in my head.
  4. metalcru4evr


    oh no...here we go again.:(
  5. damn...to much to mention, but I am kind of partial to that big sigh half car.
  6. that much and ewok car is currently sitting in a repair yard in my end of town. It could get buffed very soon.:(
  7. I have seen flicks of that TA double auto rack when it was still together, and it looks really nice, but I think its funnier that there is just some random T and A floating around.
  8. all I know is that that guy is the biggest man slut I have ever seen. She has her bitches on lock down!
  9. this is nothing compared to the hot date I just had with some auto racks...try again.
  10. I need to go on more dates like that.
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