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Guest willy.wonka

i need to go to AA

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Guest willy.wonka

ha,ha....i just wrote my title,"AA",and now im reflecting...

what a horny bitch i have been...im drunk right now...i guess it could be a good thing for the inter net though...

i mean, i hear of ladies and wine on the net and wisky or rum..and..im drunk off'a King Cobra...

ebonics is a motha fucka...i love it..

well,talking to drunk ladies on the net is sexy....i never know if they're really drunk or whatevas...im drunk right now though,but i'm pretty confident..i have no problems really...i mean i still got my shit to deal with,but its all good...im back home now...willy has moved again....i know the things i am good for in life...i was in san fran,but now im back home...it feels like my soul was slowly being ripped apart...i became an asshole....i didnt stick up for those who needed that helping hand...i am a positive person who almost lost it...i have been partying for so long,up in the bay,that it was killing me..then one day i wake up......back in my homeland...where i was born...i tell all my friends that i have let myself to be currupted and they tell me its alright.....and i believe them....i have some good friends all-over....i wish that you were all with me...

dlush,remy,gingerbread man,:love2: secret:love2:,billy blanks,astro,stuckoe,natty rude boy,romereo,the dice man,jail house james,the whole solano side boys,marrisa,la,la,la...........

oh...and spanky







well im drunk and i know that this may have been a whatevas thread,but hey!!this thread is for those who want to let thier drunken speaches on the net for them to look at them and find what they have written..

good night..

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:lol: i read that whole thing out loud in my best belligerently drunk voice

it went from ugly story to happy to ugly but glad it ended happy

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