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hey lil kim..... fuck you

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Hey old beggin ass man

you fucked up dropping my other forum CP

even though I have that shit set up to be just as anon as 12 oz

I knew someone would eventually try and pull my info again so of course I left it open

you think I don't know how to hide a v card? I intentionally left that shit open, and I'm sure you plugged that email into every search engine and came up with? One other forum... And that's it, because I have about 30 gmail accts...

The fact that you just attempted to do it, in my thread where in 1 post I hooked up 12oz more than you will in your whole life, well I'm not going to let that go


now you beg and cry and plead and call for mods?!?

The NERVE of this faggot!

Haha then you put me on ignore, take me right off, haha you mad bitch?

Nah old man, don't ever let me catch you slippin with an open photobucket or some personal info or I'll straight up drop embarassing family pictures with your grandma, or trips with your fam at the zoo, and post your home number and adress on every forum you ever had an argument on, including this one, from a dupe acct and get banned.

But fact is, I only have time to be on here for a hour or so at a time now between long video shoots, so all I really have time to do is talk shit to your crusty media-buskin ass


so go put me back on ignore, coward, before I call in a TN favor from casek and you get sent some aids in the mail.





PS I could run this thread into the ground with downloads, me and shai trade rare /OOP shit you could barely pronounce and have been for years now... But you're a faggott so like I said

to make this thread as worthless as it really is


just type "artist/band name or album" and "name of popular blog site" into the google search terms, both in separate quotes, and hit search


that comes up with 90% of shit

the rest you gotta dig

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