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fuck all these melbourne cunts are gay. you'll never learn go find some place else. im moving to qld, nsw or perth, their shit is much better and no shit talk. it seems whenever melbourners go on sydney or something they respect their righters and give nos hit talk, even if there a picture with a tag. nothing!

so damn annoying.


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Abracadabra at the end of the day gets the final call, and as mod of this forum we should respect that.


Enough with the Melbourne threads, in time Abra may consider re-opening one but if you continue with this bullshit you will only push him closer towards what he has realised and that the Melbourne scene has become an infestation of idiots, jocks and just plain wannabes who can't paint for shit or put up a decent tag.


OSK, so fucking move! Like anybody on this fucking forum gives a fuck!

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