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Marc Ecko

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please excuse me if theres already a thread about this



Ok the reason its a hotmail email account is they havent set up the @ecko.com email

This came directly from a WAR42 homie who happens to work at ECKO.

Its legit - You have nothing to loose if you already have a case.



Heres the info


In efforts to prove graffiti as an art form, Marc Ecko is attempting to put together the largest graffiti class action suit in history.


If you're over 18 and have been charged w/ any type of graffiti based crime (possession of contraband/paraphernalia, defacing property, etc...) and currently have a case pending, please send your name, phone no., email address and city/state where your case is currently pending to eckografcase@hotmail.com. Someone from Marc Ecko/Ecko Unltd.'s legal team will be in touch w/ you.

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Guest ctrl+alt+del


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