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2pac is back

me pat and george

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It happened on a Sunday afternoon when my wife and I got washed and changed to go over to a friend's house which used to be an old Scottish crofters' farm that was run down and not in use except for the few sheep that he kept. We knew he would not be at home, and I planned to take some photographs of my wife. We set off about one in the afternoon to travel the twenty odd miles. We were about three miles from our friend's house when we saw him coming from the other direction.


We pulled over and he invited us to his local pub for a drink. It was nearly closing time when we arrived and my wife and I thought it would be just a quick drink, but it did not work out that way, we all got talking to the landlord who invited us to stay after hours, and one drink led to another and another.


About two hours later we left and becuuse we were carrying provisions for his animals we set off to his house. When we arrived my wife Patricia was desperate to use the toilet. George and I started to unload the car and as we were doing this George noticed a sign that I had in the car which I was going to use to take photographs of Patricia where she would show her backside thus corresponding with the name on the sign. While I was telling George this, Patricia come out and asked what we were talking about, so I showed her the sign.


When George asked if she was going to pose, Patricia just smiled, but George said he would love to see her pose. She eventually agreed and George took the sign and put it on a gate while I got my camera ready. Patricia went over to the gate and started to undo her skirt. I started taking photographs and she slid her skirt down her legs revealing fishnet tights and a long white blouse. She handed her skirt to George and then asked how I wanted her to pose. I asked her to climb onto the gate and bend over the top so I could get some good shots of her backside next to the sign.


She did this but her blouse was still covering her backside, so she reached round and pulled it up revealing the most sexy backside you could ever want to see. George let out a big sigh and told her he thought she looked great and it was making him horny. Patricia laughed and climbed higher up the gate so we could see more of her sexy arse and shapely legs. AII the while I was clicking away with the camera, George was edging closer to Patricia until he was right beside her and then he reached out and slid his hand between her legs.


Patricia quickly turned with a smile on her lips. George told Patricia that seeing her like that was driving him crazy. Patricia climbed down from the gate and proceeded to put her skirt back on. I said to George, (just as a joke), that she might show him the lovely suntan she had. Patricia said we ought to go inside which we did. On arriving in the lounge Patricia sat on the arm of a chair and proceeded to undo her blouse. She pulled it open and revealed a black fishnet top which showed her beautiful breasts. George, who was standing next to her reached down and started to run his hands over her breasts while I took some photos.


He peeled the straps off her shoulders and pulled the fishnet leotard off her tits and started to rub both of them. George said to Patricia, 'I hope you don't mind' wherupon she replied, 'No.' He rubbed them all over. I took some more photos and then went forward, bent down and started to lick her nipples.


George said he would like to see her without her skirt, which she soon discarded, revealing the fishnet tights and body stocking. She paraded up and down, showing off her tits and her dark-haired fanny. George sat in an armchair to watch Patricia's fantastic body. She went and stood next to his chair when he reached out and started to feel her backside, she then slid onto his lap, and his hands were soon running up and down her legs, groping her tits and then down to her pussy.


Pat reached down and undid the hooks that held her leotard between her legs so he could see her pussy. George's hand slid straight to her pussy and slid his fingers into her cunt. She let out a soft moan and arched her cunt to meet his probing fingers. After a while Patricia got up off George's lap so he could undress. I went to her and started to caress her tits and rub her nippIes which were standing erect, she thrust her breasts out for me to lick her nipples. George asked Patricia to undress him which she proceeded to do, taking his shirt off and running her hands over her sexy arse and then slowly between her legs until I had two fingers in her cunt. She arched her backside back to meet my fingers as they went in and out making her shudder in anticipation of what was to come.


Patricia soon had George's trousers undone and her hand went inside to feel his hard cock. While George finished taking his trousers off, Patricia turned to help me shed my clothes. As soon as this was done I sat down on the settee where Pat knelt between my legs, took hold of my cock and started to wank me off, her lips were soon kissing my balls and her tongue was licking up my shaft till it came to the tip and then she proceeded to suck me off.


George by this time was kneeling behind her and was trying to get his cock into her cunt. Patricia reached down and guided him into her, moaning out loud as he plunged his cock deep into her juicy cunt. She told him to fuck her faster and at the same time her mouth was sucking my cock faster. After a while I got up and started to photograph my wife being fucked from the rear by our best friend, she was really enjoying it, thrusting her arse back to meet the thrusts of his cock which was hammering at her gorgeous cunt.


I was not to be left out for long and soon I was having my throbbing cock in her. George withdrew his cock and then pulled down my wife's crutchless tights and was soon changing his position so he could fuck her from the rear but both of them were lying on their sides. From this position he could run his hands all over her and also suck her nipples. I was lying with my cock by her head so she could suck me off.


George meanwhile had pulled Patricia's leg up so he could penetrate her more deeply. I then started to linger her clitoris and kiss and lick her legs while George massaged her breasts. It was not long before Patricia started to shudder and moan as she reached her climax. George was not long in shooting his spunk deep into her cunt.


Totally exhausted, George sat in an armchair to recover. I got up off the floor and sat on the settee while Pat pulled her tights and leotard back on. George said she was the best fuck he'd ever had. She smiled and said she was going to enjoy the next part as well, and then proceeded to place her knees each side of me, took hold of my cock, guided it to her cunt which she then lowered down onto my hard cock and started to ride me.


With every thrust my cock and the juicy sounds of her cunt could be heard as her love fluid mixed with George's spunk. She then pulled down her leotard to free her breasts, and pulled my head down so I could suck her nipples. We were getting carried away when we heard a car pull up outside so we aIl made a grab for our clothes.


George told us to go into the other room while he saw who it was. Patricia and I went into the other room to wait but seeing her standing there in that outfit was too much and soon I had my cock up her again as we stood there. It was not long before she had her second orgasm and also received her second load of spunk in her beautiful cunt.


My wife is in her forties and I am in my thirties so gentlemen if you want the best experience of your life, get yourself an older wife or lover. George and I both agree that she is the best fuck we have ever had and are looking forward to a lot more.




[This message has been edited by 2pac is back (edited 07-05-2001).]

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